10 Daily Things You Probably Do Wrong, and How to Do Them Right

We all have our own daily habits and routines that we have developed over time. But, in fact, there are many daily rituals that we may not know we have done wrong. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn new things and change our habits.

This is why we at The bright side have compiled this list of common activities you may be doing wrong and how to do them right. We hope this helps make you the healthiest version of yourself.

1. Drink coffee

Coffee has many positive effects, from helping your immune system to boosting brain power to improving your digestion. But the healthiest way to drink coffee might not be what you think. Natural ground coffee is much more beneficial than instant coffee, which contains more chemicals and fewer nutrients. Try adding some dairy add milk or cream to your coffee, as dairy products contain added nutrients, such as calcium, that promote bone health.

Dark roast coffee contains less caffeine than light roast coffee, although the dark version has a stronger taste. In the roasting process, some of the caffeine is lost, so a stronger taste usually means less caffeine.

2. Brush your teeth

It might go against everything you’ve been told, but you should be brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time. It’s also not good to brush your teeth directly after eating – you should actually wait an hour after a meal. This is very important if you eat acidic foods, as immediate brushing can cause the acid to strip the enamel from your teeth!

3. Microwave foods

When reheating foods, don’t pile them all in the center of the plate. In place, spread around the edge of the plate with a hole in the center – this will help the microwave reach all the food and heat it evenly.

4. Take a shower

We often like a long hot shower to relax, but showering too often can be bad for our health. He can wash good bacteria as well as bad, and research suggests it could also lead to skin conditions, like eczema.

In reality, cold showers have positive effects on your immune, lymphatic, digestive, and circulatory systems, and they’ve even been known to aid weight loss.

5. Brush your hair

You may be used to brushing your teeth bottom because there are more tangles there, but the opposite is actually true. You should start brushing your hair from the scalp as this distributes the natural oils in your hair and keeps everything from looking greasy.

6. Stay warm in cold weather

We often focus on keeping our heads warm when we’re cold because people think that 45-50% of heat is lost through the head. But the truth is that it’s actually only seven%. So focus on keeping your whole body warm instead!

7. Skin care

Many people develop their own complex skin care routines, and these can be very personal. But there are 3 main steps that we should all do every morning. First, a cleanser should be used to remove the dirt that has built up overnight. Then, a moisturizer can hydrate the skin. And finally, the sunscreen, which we must use daily, whatever the weather, must be applied to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

8. Wake up

Many of us have set multiple alarms to wake up, but knock doze on your alarm may actually have harmful effects. It’s healthier to wake up to the first alarm because napping kicks us in and out of sleep, which makes us feel sleepier when we wake up.

9. Apply antiperspirant

It may come as a big surprise, but you should actually apply deodorant or antiperspirant. before going to bed, not the morning ! At night, we sweat less, so it’s the perfect time for your sweat ducts to absorb the active ingredients better, by more effectively blocking the sweat ducts. Also, remember to apply it on dry skin for best results.

10. Put away your toilet paper

Toilet paper can be a big mess because it can easily come undone. But there is a simple way to stop this: fold the end of the roll over and press it against the faucet. The moisture will create a seal so the paper will stay in place until you need it.

Did any of them surprise you? Are there any other things you would add to this list? Share your knowledge in the comments.

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