11 new nail trends inspired by celebrities

You can feel it in the air. Golden leaves beginning to fall. Craving hot soups and pumpkin lattes. Yes, fall is here, and if you’re anticipating a few seasonal changes, your nails are a great place to start. So say a handful of celebrities who are already beginning to experiment with fresh, autumnal tones and new trends — from Lily James’ milk chocolate manicure at the Emmys this week to Selena Gomez’s pumpkin spice nails and not forgetting, of course, the ever-evolving Hailey Bieber ‘glazed donut’ mani. Below, our favorite fall nails from Adele, Reese Witherspoon and more…

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The chocolate manicure – Lily James

For this week’s Emmys, Lily James’ look was one of coordination, in which she matched her makeup, dress and even her nails. As for the color of choice, chocolate is becoming a favorite among manicures, with “the chocolate manicure” taking over social media…


The Naked Upgrade – Reese Witherspoon

Reese’s subtle Emmys nail look will go with just about any dress look this fall. Thuy Nguyen, the manicurist behind, even shared how you can create the manicure yourself, using sustainable nail brand @manucurist.


‘Glossy Donut Nails’ – Hailey Bieber

AKA, the third installment of the glazed mani donut, with a delicious gray hue, then another chocolate-colored iteration. Check out our guide to mastering this effect at home, here.

Who can forget JLo’s gorgeous wedding look? For his nails, Tom Bachik created a subtle “milky mani” — another big nail trend right now — and some subtle nail art.


The Cat Eye manicure – Nicola Coughlin

Michelle Humphrey, who created this look for Nicola Coughlin, calls it the “Cat Eye mani”; it is defined by a diagonal line directly in the middle of your nail that varies thanks to the metallic pigments.


The Pumpkin Spice Manicure – Selena Gomez

Pairing gold jewelry with matching metallic nails, we love this look created by @nailsbymh for the Graham Norton Show.


Colorful French Tips – Mindy Kaling


Flower Pressed Nails – Blake Lively

Extending your floral manicure into fall, these flower pressed nails by @enamelle are simply stunning. “Still not over those flower pressed nails,” Blake wrote. ‘Do you know how hard it is to take pictures with both of your hands!?! My nose has been very useful to me…’


The American manicure – Dua Lipa

A twist on the classic French manicure, this new iteration, dubbed the “American manicure”, sees the French tips accentuated. ‘A soft white tip and pink nail bed; very nostalgic for the 90s and 00s,” says Michelle Humphrey.


Metallic chrome crank – Lizzo

erierinailz used the now cult classic OPI Chrome Effects in “Mixed Metals” to create this fall look for the VMAs on Lizzo.

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