13 Secret Ways to Effectively Save Money

There are many useful tips for saving money. And we’re pretty used to sticking to our budget every day. Take, for example, following different coupons and discounts and trying to avoid some of life’s little pleasures. It turns out that we can change some of our habits and save not only money, but also a lot of time and effort. Not to mention that it can also improve our overall health and well-being.

We at The bright side have found some of the easy steps you can take today to ensure your financial stability and feel more confident in the future.

1. Forget the coffee before shopping.

A study shows that caffeine has an impact on your expenses and the number of items you will buy. During the experiment, people who drank a cup of coffee spent 50% more money and bought about 30% more items than those who just drank decaf or water. Caffeine releases dopamine in the brain. That’s why we’re so excited and why we’re more eager to do impulse purchases.

2. Plan to go shopping shortly after eating.

The reason is very simple. If you shop when you’re hungry, everything will seem too appealing, so you’re more likely to buy something you don’t need. To avoid throwing away all the spoiled food, just get into the habit of shopping on a full stomach. This way you will be less ambitious about what you can eat.

3. Set aside and hide a small amount of money.

Many people use envelopes for this purpose. But if you prefer a locked safe or piggy bank, use those instead. The main thing here is to hide the money, out of sight, and not think about it. You can start with very small amounts of money, like one or a few dollars a week.

Next week add $2 or more and so on until the end of the year. That way, you’ll have over $1,300 by Christmas — that’s enough to treat friends and family to lots of whimsical gifts.

4. Pay cash when shopping.

You see, psychologically, it’s much easier for us to just swipe a card than to part with cash. The fact is that when we take a look at our money, we are more aware of its value, and we get more psychological impact from making a purchase with it.

It’s very different from a credit card. It is therefore preferable to go shopping with a certain amount of money on you. In this case, you will stop immediately when your wallet is empty and avoid spending more than your budget can afford.

5. Only spend money on certain days of the week.

Simply choose the most comfortable day of the week and shop only on that day. Also give yourself limits, so you don’t waste all your money in one day. This method will help you better control your expenses and save you a lot of money in the future. Try it and find out for yourself.

6. Put bread in the freezer.

Bread you buy from a store stays fresh for up to 12 days. And that’s only when you keep it tightly closed in the fridge. Homemade or bakery bread only stays fresh for 5-8 days when stored the same way. So if you see you won’t be able to eat it within that time, seal it separately and put it in the freezer.

Then you can grill it whenever you want to make a sandwich. This way your bread can last from 3-6 monthsso you don’t have to buy fresh bread all the time.

7. Drink more water to feel full.

8. Put up a sign reminding you how much you spent on food delivery.

You can report monthly, but the bigger the sum, the better. So try to count how much you spend each year ordering food online. Stick it somewhere, so you can watch it as often as possible. This reminder will inspire you to spend less and shop instead of sitting at home and waiting for a delivery person.

9. Use everything you have before shopping.

Just make it a rule not to buy groceries if you still have some in your fridge. Plan every meal and cook everything before the next shopping date. It is also best to plan ahead. If you are tired of throwing away food every week, this will be a better option. And your wallet will only thank you for it.

10. Find cheaper entertainment.

For example, at the movies, consider seeing a morning. They are much cheaper. Also consider getting some homemade popcorn on your own. This will not only save you a lot of money on your outings, but will be good for your diet since homemade popcorn contains less fat and, therefore, fewer calories.

11. Wash your clothes in cold water to reduce water costs.

Simply set your washing machine to cold water mode. This will significantly reduce water heating costs to benefit your monthly budget. In addition, it will prevent your clothes from shrinking or the colors from discoloration.

12. Host potlucks.

This time, you will not only be able to save on costs, but also have fun and socialize a bit with your friends and neighbors. Sometimes we get tired of eating the same food every week. So just ask everyone to bring a dish and drink to share the bounty.

Sharing different foods while talking and hanging out together will definitely cheer you up and drive away all the bruises.

13. Flush the toilet with bath water.

In some cases, this method can also be a solution. Simply empty the used bath water into buckets or turn off the water and refill the toilet tank whenever you need to flush the toilet. toilet. Anyway, it’s another way to pay for water cheaper than usual.

What other helpful solutions have you found when trying to reduce certain expenses? Which solutions have proven to be the best?

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