16 People Who Can Make Any Old Thing Look Like New

Some people really know how to fix things that other people would probably throw away. And their creations amaze everyone who sees them online or in real life.

To The bright side, we can only be impressed by the craftsmen who know how to transform any old thing into something new. And in the bonus section, you’ll find a tip for recycling the plastic clips that often come with underwear.

1. “I saved these jeans. They were super cheap because of this tear. I repaired the tear with a zipper.

2. “I made a double circle skirt and matching bow from a large tablecloth.”

3. “I was inspired and decided to repair my old boots instead of buying new ones.”

4. “This working headphone cable was breaking, so I braided it to make it last a little longer.”

5. “I bought this shirt at a flea market, then took off the shoulder pads and belt, and it’s much more modern now!”

6. “I turned a curtain into a skirt.”

7. “I needed a waterproof apron for the farm and realized that these waterproof feed bags are the perfect material for recycling.”

8. “I recycled these sweatpants from my brother’s t-shirt to make it longer.”

9. “I recycled old prints from the closet and was so excited with the results that I asked my wife to take a full photo set!”

10. “I breathed new life into my old tablet. It’s now a fully functional portable TV.

11. “I made this lamp from a large can of olives.”

12. “I made hair ties out of my daughter’s torn pantyhose.”

13. “This is a useful life hack for reusing aluminum foil. You can wrap a rolling pin in it so you don’t have to wash it after use.

14. “I breathed new life into this jacket.”

15. “It was trash on the road before I turned it into closet shelves.”

16. “I created this jacket using discarded burlap coffee sacks.”

Bonus: “This set of underwear comes with plastic clips on each pair. I now use them as stitch markers.

Have you ever recycled old things? Were you proud of the results? Tell us in the comments below.

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