1956 fridge advertisement goes viral, amused netizens want one straightaway | Trending

1956 fridge advertisement goes viral, amused netizens want one straightaway | Trending

The 66-year-old’s fridge ad has gone massively viral on social media and has netizens reconsidering their latest.

Technological advancements have undoubtedly made our lives easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. And the refrigerator is a good example. From instant ice makers to double doors, refrigerators have seen many developments. However, a 66-year-old fridge ad has made netizens reconsider their past ads and may have the same effect on you.

The video which has gone massively viral was posted by a Twitter account called Lost in history. The black-and-white ad accompanies a caption, “Why is this 66-year-old fridge better than the one I have now.” The video shows a refrigerator with multiple compartments for fresh and frozen, canned, bottled and packaged foods, newly purchased foods and leftovers.

The woman in the ad opens the fridge to show space for bottles, butter, cheese and leftovers on the door, as well as a large removable assortment to store fruits and vegetables. The woman further explains the different racks that can be rolled up to pick up items without moving another one. There is a separate space for frozen items and it has an ice cube ejector.

Watch the 66-year-old fridge ad below:

Since being shared a few days ago, the video has garnered over 11.2 million views. The clip also racked up over 4.2 lakh likes. The post even received comments from netizens who were surprised to see an array of facilities in a 66-year-old refrigerator.

“It’s mine, made by General Motors. Still works,” one individual posted with two images. “For the curious, that specific model is General Motors Frigidaire Imperial, model CP-143-56-1956. It sold for around $200, or $1,950 adjusted for inflation,” another commented. “I still have a 1940s fridge. It still works,” wrote a third. “GM Frigidare, has 24,500 days of uninterrupted operation. You can already see the years go by a bit. That’s why they were called durable goods,” a fourth shared with three images of a fridge.


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