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Cupcakes have conquered the world. These little wonders have been recreated in hundreds of different flavor combinations and served in stores across the United States. With cute packaging and fun names, they tempt you with their size and keep you coming back for their amazing taste and texture. Their huge customer base will continue to open new stores to capitalize on the demand for this delicious miniature treat.

The problem comes when you want something fancier than just swirling frosting on top. Many stores don’t carry designer cupcakes, or if they do, they’re priced some aren’t willing to pay. What happens when you want designer cupcakes for an event? Create them at home.

For little girls, the sky is the limit. Dip a regular sized marshmallow in melted chocolate, scoop out the excess and place in the center of a cupcake. Decorate the cupcake section with buttercream frosting like a tutu (use tip 104) or dress in their favorite color.

For cupcake bags, put two regular sized cupcakes together end to end and cut the bottom with a serrated knife so it sits level on the plate. You are now ready to decorate with buttercream or fondant.

Like sparks? Take your frosting covered cupcake and dip it in sugar crystals. Use wax paper strips to cut out your cupcake. All the white sugar crystals would look like a twinkling light. Colorful cupcakes lined up in rows would make a powerful statement on a table.

For a beautiful vase, put two cupcakes together end to end and frost. Cool and wrap in a band of fondant. You can add fondant or buttercream flowers on top.

Make baskets by adding jelly beans in the middle of your frosted cupcake and a braided fondant or frosting border around the edge. Take a thin piece of licorice and stick the ends into the cupcake on either side to make the handle.

At craft stores, they have cake pans with four cavities that make miniature doll cakes. These are individual servings that you can add miniature doll picks to make special cakes for your little princess and her friends.

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend. Want to please him? Take some cooled ganache, mold it into a marshmallow shape and dip it in melted mint chocolate and sit in the center of a chocolate cupcake. Decorate with chocolate buttercream frosting as a disguise, add a chocolate covered coffee bean on top, and you have a cupcake worthy of her taste buds. Want a different combination? Sky is the limit. Try lemon cake with frozen cheesecake, then cut out with miniature round cookie cutters and place on top. Glaze with whipped cream.

Surprise your guests by adding toppings to your cupcakes. This sets them apart from anything store bought. The lemon filling can be spread on the cupcakes once they are cooled, then you can add your buttercream. The ganache can be made into different flavors and spread over your cupcake before frosting. Use different colored wrappers to keep…

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