2023 defensive back target trending towards Kentucky?

2023 defensive back target trending towards Kentucky?

FSU football coaches have prioritized certain segment groups in their 2023 recruiting class, but it appears the defensive backs unit is not one of them.

Well, I must say that they are not willing to allocate heavy resources to this group. For the second time in this recruiting cycle, the Noles could allow a defensive back to choose Kentucky over the Noles.

You may remember I wrote about Avery Stuart’s four-star security, who was a skinny FSU before heading to Kentucky at the last minute about a month ago? It seems the same is happening with three star security Kenton Kirkland. Kirkland has been to FSU several times, including this past weekend, after unofficially visiting Kentucky a few days prior.

FSU has accepted a commitment from three-star defensive back Jabril Rawls, who also attended the FSU showcase last weekend. Rawls worked, and Kirkland didn’t. Maybe that was a factor for the coaching staff who saw Rawls up close?

Maybe Kentucky is ready to pump a few more resources into Kirkland like they did Stuart? As I mentioned with Stuart, FSU has to be smart, and if there’s no significant difference between two players, it’s a good idea to save those resources for players who can make a difference in positions that have an impact on the games.

For example, someone like five-star WR Hykeem Williams, who was at FSU camp this weekend. Rawls and Kirkland have similar attributes and nearly the same size, and good top speed.

Two crystal ball predictions favoring Kentucky came Thursday morning. Kirkland expects to announce her engagement relatively soon.

The Noles already have a commitment from Quindarrius Jones, who can also play it safe. In the end, it comes down to a numbers game, and it looks like they already have all the safeties they need in this class.

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