3 lottery teams that can make the NBA playoffs next season

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland is key to reaching the NBA Playoffs (Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports)

Normally, when a team enters the lottery, it usually takes two or three years before they can compete for the NBA playoffs. This may not be the case for some.

Some teams from last year’s lottery were there mainly because injuries hampered their season, or because they’re just too young at the moment and don’t have the necessary pieces on their roster to fight for. the playoffs. Others, like the New York Knicks, are just plain bad.

Yet almost every year, a team comes out of nowhere and finds itself in a race that culminates in an appearance in the NBA Playoffs. See the Minnesota Timberwolves last year (PS to anyone who made fun of their celebration, please shut up and let them have their moment.)

That said, let’s look at three teams that were in the lottery last year but could find themselves competing later in the calendar year as part of the playoffs. Oh, and sorry, Stephen A. Smith, that doesn’t include your Knicks.

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers could bypass the Play-Ins and make the NBA Playoffs

Yes. Cleveland. They are very well placed to qualify for the playoffs despite participating in the Play-In tournament last season. That’s mostly down to the hit deal that landed Donovan Mitchell from Utah Jazz and now pairs him with Darius Garland to form a dynamic duo.

Cleveland has two powerful young scorers with Garland and Mitchell in the roster. Additionally, the Cavaliers have Evan Mobley and his brother, Isaiah, as well as Jarrett Allen. Together they can stretch the field and be a force in the paint. Plus, Kevin Love is a seasoned veteran and Caris LeVert can get to the basket.

There’s no reason to believe the Cavaliers are child’s play. With a little luck and skill, they might not even have to worry about the qualifying tournament and can secure themselves a spot in the playoffs.

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