32 Days, 32 Facts About The LA Kings

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I usually like to throw up more of a longer goal post 30 days before opening night, but maybe 32 days is more appropriate when it comes to the Kings? I’d say 23 is perhaps the most appropriate number when it comes to this particular season, but it’s day one of the Rookie Faceoff and it’s just too close to the start of the season to reflect.

Anyway, how about a different approach?

One of my favorite fantasy football stories of the year is Matthew Berry’s 100 Facts article, where he simply lists 100 league player facts and lets you interpret them any way you want. In doing so, it certainly steers your thought process towards taking this information, but nonetheless, the information presented is factual, undisputed. It’s not hard to take facts and twist them to back up your story, and you can usually find different facts that can support opposing points of view, without lying or lying. But these are facts nonetheless.

For instance –

Player A: Stats show that this player may have had the best defensive season of any Los Angeles Kings forward. On a par 60 basis, Player A ranked 4th – not on the Kings, but in the entire NHL – in CA/60 and 8th in SCA/60. This player led the Kings in HDCA and xGA on a par 60 basis last season and was among the lowest on the team in PDO, commonly referred to as the luck indicator.

Player B: Stats show a player who struggled to get the puck in the net last season, as he ranked 14th among the team’s 16 regular forwards (min 150 mins) last season in shooting percentage with equal force. Player B ranked 422nd out of 496 forwards in the NHL with the same criteria. This player ranked between 10th and 12th on the Kings in goals, assists and points on a per-60 basis last season. Between the regular season and the playoffs, Player B also hit a season-ending wall, as he finished the 2021-22 campaign with just one goal in his last 20 games played.

Player A looks like a potential Selke candidate if the writers voted for wingers, while Player B looks like a player in need of an attacking overhaul. Player A is Arthur Kaliyev. Player B is also Arthur Kaliyev. Not exactly the profiles you might expect from the most gifted offensive prospect in the system, is it? Kaliyev is not a future Selke candidate. With his sharp shooting, he’s also unlikely to shoot just over five percent during his NHL career. We’ve all seen Kaliyev play, he’s a gifted young goalscorer in development. The facts, twisted the way I wanted to present the argument, may tilt the narrative one way or another, but they are facts nonetheless.

With that in mind, here are 32 more of them to ponder as training camp nears –

1. At 5-on-5, the Kings ranked in the NHL’s Top 5 last season in scoring chances and danger chances.
2. The Kings acquired Kevin Fiala this offseason, who led the Minnesota Wild in scoring chances and high danger chances at 5-5 last season.
3. The Kings had at least one point in 30 of 41 road games last season, the highest mark in the Western Conference and tied for second in the league (Washington 31, Florida 30).
4. The Kings had at least one point in 25 of 41 home games last season, tied for the NHL’s lowest mark among playoff-qualified teams.
5. During the 2021 portion of last season, Arthur Kaliyev had the following even-strength totals and standings.

CF/60 – 12.82 (9th among regular forwards)
SCF/60 – 6.8 (11th among regular forwards)
HDCF / 60 – 3.69 (8th among regular forwards)

6. During the 2022 game of last season, Arthur Kaliyev had the following totals and standings, on a per-60 basis.

CF/60 – 19.05 – (2nd among regular forwards)
SCF/60 – 10.32 (2nd among regular forwards)
HDCF/60 – 4/31 (4th among regular forwards)

seven. On a par 60 basis, Drew Doughty’s assists, points and shots were at the highest levels of his NHL career. On a /60 basis, Viktor Arvidsson led the league in individual shot attempts by /60 and ranked second in individual shot attempts by /60. Both players combined for 80 points last season.
8. The Kings posted a .628 winning percentage with Drew Doughty in the roster last season, as opposed to a .581 winning percentage without Doughty in the roster.
9. Drew Doughty and Viktor Arvidsson didn’t play a single playoff minute as the Kings lost to Edmonton in seven games.
ten. The last time the Kings and Oilers met in a seven-game playoff series in the first round of the playoffs, the two teams also met the following year in the second round.
11. The Kings were the only team to qualify for the 2022 playoffs with 400 or more men’s regular season games lost.
12. The Kings have lost 206 games to a man by defensemen, the second most of any NHL team and the most among the playoffs. The Kings have lost just three games to a man by goaltenders, the second-fewest in the NHL.
13. Last season, on a 1/60 basis among defensemen, Alex Edler led the NHL in CF and HDCF and was top-five in SCF.
14. The Kings re-signed Alex Edler to a contract with a base salary of $750,000.
15. Alex Iafallo was Phillip Danault’s most common winger from October to December. Trevor Moore was Phillip Danault’s most common winger from January to April. The combination of their stats from those periods totals 24 goals, 37 assists and 61 points.
16. The Kings haven’t had a 61+ point winger since Alex Frolov in the 2007-08 season.
17. During the 2021 game of last season, Phillip Danault and Trevor Moore combined 7 goals and 21 points, ranking fifth and 13th respectively on the Kings in total points. During the 2022 game of last season, Danault and Moore combined 37 goals and 88 points, ranking third and first in total points, respectively.
18. Combining the totals from the past two seasons, among defensemen with 1,500 minutes or more, Matt Roy ranks ninth in the NHL in goals against at 5-5 on a 1/60 basis.
19. The Kings ranked 22nd in the NHL in shorthanded percentage last season, but were tied for 17th in shorthanded goal differential (SHG for minus PPG against). From Jan. 1 to the end of the season, the Kings were tied for ninth in the NHL in shorthanded goal differential.
20. The Kings’ power play has gone from 18.9% in the 2020-21 season to 16.1% last season. The Kings PP% has not decreased in consecutive seasons since the 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons.
21. The Kings hired Jim Hiller as an assistant coach in the offseason. During Hiller’s last three stops as an assistant coach, the team’s power play percentage increased in the two seasons after his arrival. More information on Hiller’s influence HERE.
22. The Kings finished the 2021-22 season on a seven-game point streak while wearing their alternate jerseys with the Chrome Domes (5-0-2)
23. The LA Kings will retire Dustin Brown’s number 23 on February 11. The Kings have three wins, one regulation loss, one overtime loss and a tie on nights they retired a player’s jersey number.
24. Drew Doughty and Adrian Kempe both signed contract extensions as restricted free agents in September.
25. Mikey Anderson and Sean Durzi are currently restricted free agents through the month of September.
26. Cap Friendly shows the Los Angeles Kings have about $1.5 million in cap space.
27. The figure given represents 15 forwards, five defenders and two goalkeepers, with two players who are expected to be healthy on the injured list. The total of 24 players is one more than the allotted 23 player limit.
28. As for Anderson and Durzi specifically, the Kings would have to send one player to Ontario for every player added, in addition to sending one player outright, to stay within the cap.
29. By simply awarding the lowest three hits (1F, 2D), the Kings would add $2,262,500 in cap space to sign Anderson and Durzi. By awarding the lowest three hits (1F, 2D) that are exempt from waivers, the Kings would add $2,577,500 in cap space to sign Anderson and Durzi.
30. The Kings finished the 2021-22 season as a Top 5 team for the first time since the 2013-14 season. The Kings had three regular centers at over 51% for the season.
31. Per Natural Stat Trick, the Kings had five of the NHL’s top 13 players in “rushing attempts” last season.
32. Tobias Bjornfot, Arthur Kaliyev and Quinton Byfield all rank in the Top 10 in their draft class when it comes to games played in the NHL.

Of the information above, all are factual. Is it applicable, relevant or useful? It’s up to you to debate in the comments!

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