400 TV Personnel Crybaby to Hollywood Studios About ‘Safety’ in Pro-life States

400 TV Personnel Crybaby to Hollywood Studios About 'Safety' in Pro-life States

The title bed‘Over 400 TV Showrunners Demand Netflix, Disney and Others Offer Safety Protocols in Anti-Abortion States’, But I Think We All Know What That Is really means….

More than 400 grown adults, who also happen to be wealthy, helpless, neurotic and angry whiners, have come together to demand that Hollywood studios make them feel safe in anti-abortion states.


Because leftists are weak, spoiled, perpetual victims who always have fits like this whenever things don’t go their way.

Get a load of this…

The letter, obtained by Variety, is signed by A-list talents including Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Natasha Lyonne, Ava DuVernay and more. This warns the largest content creators in the United States that companies must set out specific protections for those working in states that have banned abortion following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v . Wade.

“Asking anyone to choose between their human rights and their job is unacceptable,” the letter read in part.

The letter escalates the contentious question of what companies such as Netflix and Disney should do with productions in the states with anti-abortion laws triggered by Dobbssuch as Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. Writers demand published policies on how companies will subsidize employee travel to obtain abortionsas well as how employee privacy will be protected. They want medical care protocols for “ectopic pregnancies and other pregnancy complications requiring medical treatment.” They are demanding criminal and civil compensation for anyone who helps an employee to have an abortion.

The focus is on me…

Can you believe that?

Who are these people, animals that can’t control themselves?

You know, not getting pregnant is much easier than getting pregnant.

The letter is also a lie that claims “ectopic pregnancies” are banned in some states when they are not.

My favorite, however, asks the studios to guarantee “criminal and civil compensation for anyone who helps an employee to have an abortion.” Yes, I know that these billion dollar multinational corporations have all kinds of powers, but at least for now, they don’t have the power to offer protections against criminal and civil laws. Fortunately, we have not yet reached the inevitable Robotcop stage of our society.

How about a little self-control?

How about a little birth control if you can’t control yourself?

How about driving a few hundred miles on your day off to a state where you can slaughter your innocent child?

You can also fly to another state. It’s not like you don’t have any money.

You see, but these babies see that none of this is an option because fat, spoiled, helpless, vindictive babies like these are always determined to do their problems your problems.

Their childish need to go after one unjust world means they have to crash your window and complicate your life rather than just managing things on their own – which is what normal, mature, strong adults do.

Overall, though, it’s blackmail, a way to intimidate studios in states that have had the nerve not to allow these monsters to slaughter their innocent children. The goal here is to make life so difficult that studios choose other states to work in.

It will almost certainly succeed.

The good news is that we have another example of the weakness and pathos of women on the left.

Oh, yeah, you’ve come a long way, baby.

PS These states want to save your child. You want to kill him. So whose “security” is really at risk here?

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