9 Hacks You Can Use to Tame Your Gray Hair and Look Stunning

The appearance of gray hair is an emotional moment in the life of any woman. At first, many women try to hide their gray hair in every possible way. But in the modern world, gray hair is no longer associated with old age. On the contrary, it has become branchso it’s important to learn how to use your gray hair to your advantage.

We at The bright side decided to find out the little things gray-haired women should consider to look as beautiful as ever.

9. Pay attention to the color of your eyebrows

If you have gray hair, it’s important to highlight your facial features to prevent your face from looking gloomy. Well-groomed eyebrows can make you look very Young. Of course there is different tricks for different types of eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally light, you should choose a light gray or light color. If you have darker skin and dark eyebrows, a cool brunette shade is right for you.

8. Choose your clothes wisely

Gray hair is a good reason to reconsider your wardrobe and start wearing brighter colors. Of course, no matter what color your hair is, you should always wear clothes that go well with it, and gray hair is no exception. So, gray hair looks best with classic colors (black and white) or something more daring – different saturated colors.

7. Use shampoos that neutralize yellowing

To make your gray hair shine, it is important to Take good care of it. Special purple shampoos are the best choice as they neutralize yellowing and help keep the color truer.

6. Use beauty products to make your hair straight

The structure of gray hair changes naturally: the hair becomes more porous, fragile and difficult to tame. So these changes can cast a shadow over your entire look: no one looks good with dry, frizzy hair. But you can avoid this problem by using leave-in conditioners. They hydrate the hair, making it heavier, softer, silkier and easier to tame.

5. Wear less gold jewelry

Gold is not the best companion for gray hair because together they create a bad contrast. By the way, the same goes for coral and amber. The good news is that there are even more metals and gemstones that go well with gray hair. Obviously, silver, due to its similarity to gray, and rubies, emeralds and amethysts, among others.

4. The right haircut

Not everyone likes short pixie haircuts, but very long gray hair is not popular because it is difficult to make it look fresh and stylish.

The solution is simple: you can consider different variations of a bob or have a shoulder-length cut with more accent on layers and texture. A simple yet stylish haircut paired with healthy, well-groomed hair will help you love and accept gray more easily.

3. Try blending gray hair

When you completely dye your hair, it’s hard to follow gray roots, and growing colored hair also takes time. That’s why you should try mix gray hair where the gray is somehow mixed with highlights and highlights.

In this type of dye there will be no clear color transitions, so you will not have to dye your hair as often.

2. Try dyeing your hair silver to make it more noble

If you want a full tint, the best option would be to to add ash, silver or platinum to your natural grays. It will help you not to look gloomy and make your hair shinier. Also, if you have already dyed your hair a dark color and the roots have already grown out, you can try blending the grays with the fade color.

1. Make your eyes brighter

Besides the eyebrows, you should also highlight the eyes. Because even a eyeliner can make you more expressive. And together with long and voluminous eyelashes, you can always forget about all the worries of looking dark.

If you’ve ever had to deal with accepting your own gray hair, tell us how you’re taming it to look youthful and fresh!

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