A look back on when Queen Elizabeth II visited

At least three times in her long life, Queen Elizabeth II has traveled just across the Detroit River to Windsor, the Canadian city whose downtown shores offer sweeping views of the Motor City .

It’s the closest thing she’s done to Detroit. On each visit, Windsor held riverside ceremonies where Elizabeth II could view Detroit and likely give the city one of her signature hand waves. None of the reports explain why the royal decision was made not to visit Detroit. In fact, each of his visits to Windsor lasted only a few hours. And on each visit, there was a general joy of having royalty just across the river, with tens of thousands queuing to see the English Bluebloods.

On October 15, 1951, Princess Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip were greeted by 500,000 fans as the royal couple embarked on a 13-mile tour of Windsor, according to a Detroit News report. The royal couple visited the Ford Motor Co. of Canada factory in Windsor and a riverside ceremony was also held. The couple also traveled to Washington, DC later in the week.

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