Amazon Launches Program to Fund the Education of its Delivery Drivers

Business giant Amazon is launching a program to help its delivery drivers continue their education.

The program, Next Mile, will offer participating Delivery Service Partners (DSPs) up to $5,250 per eligible driver per year to access more than 1,700 academic programs, such as bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, skills certifications and high school graduation courses.

“These new investments, along with new rate increases for DSPs, will total more than $450 million over the next year, and help us enable these owners to be great employers and build great teams,” Amazon officials noted. “With the addition of these new program offerings, Amazon is now helping participating DSPs provide their drivers with training and career advancement benefits and financial planning for the future, as well as business coaching and resources for DSP owners themselves.”

The company will also pay an additional $60 million to help DSPs match employee 401(k) contributions.

“As a small business owner and community leader, having the ability to deliver industry-leading benefits like education assistance and retirement savings is amazing,” said Mike Tran, an Amazon DSP and owner of Pacific Keys Logistics. “For so many people, education is the foundation of opportunity and empowerment. I am grateful to now be able to provide these incredibly valuable benefits to my team. Every day they work so hard to serve the local community and giving them incredible benefits and resources is so rewarding.”

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