Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: New and Trending Today, July 29

Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: New and Trending Today, July 29

Camryn Jones, Ali Wong, Sofia Rosinsky, paper girls

Anjali Pinto/Amazon Studios

Amazon Prime Video is new to this Top 10 – the streamer’s homepage has only been publishing the Top 10 for a few weeks now – but it’s already showing that its tools are better than Netflix’s. Why? The New Science Fiction TV Series paper girls just released today, and it’s already in the Top 10 at #5. It’s quick ! Netflix’s Top 10 doesn’t reflect changes until the next day, so anything released one day won’t appear in the Top 10 until the next day. This may not be exciting news for you, but it blows my weak little mind. The big question before the weekend is whether paper girls will be big enough to knock over The list of terminals, which was No. 1 for the entire month of July. See you Monday to find out!

Below, we list the top 10 shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video and also let you know which ones are good. We’ll also be listing what’s coming next to Amazon Prime Video in the near future so you know what’s coming to the top 10 list soon.

New releases of Amazon Prime Video:

  • paper girls: Four Girl Time Travel Series (July 29)
  • Do Re Mi: Musical show for children around three birds (July 29)

List of the Top 10 Amazon Shows and Movies of Yesterday

Top 10 TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Chace Crawford and Colby Minifie, the boys

Chace Crawford and Colby Minifie The boys

Amazon Studios

1. The list of terminals

For fans of: Chris Pratt, Military Thrillers, Badass
Is it good?: It’s a solid shoot’em up adaptation of Jack Carr’s book
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 1

2. The boys

For fans of: Superheroes, super jerks, superviolence
Is it good?: This is one of the best television series, and certainly the best satirical superhero series
Trailer | Ranking yesterday: 2

3. The summer when I became pretty

For fans of: Teen romance, beach vacations, love triangles, Abercrombie vibes
Is it good?: For a YA drama that turns the page, it delivers the goods
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 3

4. Reach

For fans of: Huge guys kick each other and do some detective work
Is it good?: Amazon’s new hit is awesome and will be around for a long time
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 4

5. paper girls

For fans of: stranger thingstime travel stories that blow your mind
Is it good?: Sure, there’s room for improvement, but the sci-fi series about teenage girls does a great character job
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: n/a

More on Amazon:

JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, Night Sky

JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, night sky

Chuck Hodes/Amazon Studios

6. Forever Summer: The Hamptons

For fans of: Young horny and their stupid problems
Is it good?: This Bravo-style reality show is as vacant as its subjects
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 5

seven. Gucci House

For fans of: Melodrama, Italian accents, Adam Driver, Lady Gaga
Is it good?: This biopic is a little underwhelming considering the A-list talent
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 6

8. The 355

For fans of: Female fighting forces, globetrotting spy action, stacked casts
Is it good?: It’s somewhat entertaining, which is not what you expect from this cast
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 7

9. Outdoor beach

For fans of: big holes, Yellowstonesci-fi twists
Is it good?: It’s a trip that mixes genres and that will surprise you in good
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 8

ten. night sky

For fans of: Quiet sci-fi, strong acting by JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek
Is it good?: It’s not bad, but it’s not really exciting
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 9

Based on Amazon Prime Video’s Top 10 Movies and TV Shows list for Friday, July 29

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