Andy Cohen Shared the Cutest Picture of His Daughter Lucy & Hinted at Where She Got Her Name

Andy Cohen Shared the Cutest Picture of His Daughter Lucy & Hinted at Where She Got Her Name

Andy CohenLucy’s daughter just turned 3 months old and she has a sweet little personality. We already know she’s not her biggest fan daddy’s singing voice and she loves his older brother Ben3. But in a new pic for her 3-month birthday, we finally have a clue where her name comes from!

“3 months! ♥️” the Watch what’s happening live! the host captioned the photo of Lucy. In it, she sits propped up in her crib (on pink sheets!) with a wide-eyed expression. Her big blue eyes are open to the camera and her messy brown hair is tangled on her forehead. She also wears the cutest lemon ruffle pajamas. But that’s what it is behind the baby who is so interesting: a Lucy van Pelt doll from Peanuts!

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Lucy doll smiles behind baby Lucy’s shoulder, with a similar expression to big eyes and dark black hair across her forehead. It’s a cute little hint that Cohen named his daughter after that sassy, ​​willful, and downright awesome character from Charlie Brown.

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The Bravo personality opened up about his love for Snoopy and the characters created by Charles Schulz before. In fact, he wrote the preface to the 2014 edition of Peanuts Life Guide.

“When I was born, the dog I was given was Snoopy,” Cohen wrote, by Weekly entertainment. “My stuffed Snoopy went with me almost everywhere I went. He was cute. He slept with me. He kissed me. He made me smile. As long as Snoopy was there, he made me feel as if I was at home.

He also shared that he entered the Peanuts comics and specials when he was older, learning many lessons along the way. “What did I learn about life from a dog and a bunch of kids? A lot,” Cohen wrote, per EO. “Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally and the whole gang can teach us just about everything we need to know about how to behave and we have Charles Schulz to thank for that. In my opinion, the cartoonist deserves a A+ in Philosophy; its simple wisdom has captivated hundreds of millions of fans around the world and somehow gives us permission to feel good about searching for deeper meaning around us.

Cohen also shared the one thing he learned from Lucy: “Above all, allow yourself to love (though Lucy points out, ‘It’s amazing how stupid you can be when you’re in love’).”

Maybe he named his daughter Lucy because he’s stupidly in love with her—we totally get it!

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