Biden’s economic victory lap is 58 pages of malarkey

Biden’s latest victory lap is the administration’s most brazen parade of 2022. The White House on Friday released a 58-page Biden-Harris economic plan that claims to have performed more miracles than accompanied the Sermon on the Mount .

Biden is still trying to take credit for the job growth that has happened solely because of the end of the shutdowns. In fact, its “success” is really a failure – because fewer people are working now than before COVID.

This is just one of the many whoppers packed into this piece of ridiculous propaganda:

CLAIM: “The administration’s economic program has created deep incentives for . . . workforce training.

DO: Federal job training programs have been a fiasco since the Kennedy administration. A training program created by Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act spent $386 million but placed only 397 trainees in jobs.

CLAIM: “The administration has led the world in a historic release of oil from global reserves.”

DO: Biden knows that high gas prices endanger Democratic control of Congress in the midterm elections, so he has drained nearly half of the United States’ strategic oil reserve. Former Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette condemned Biden’s policy: “It’s not a supply emergency, and the only emergency I see. . . is a political emergency.

Crude oil pipelines at the Bryan Mound site near Freeport, Texas.
Department of Energy/AP

CLAIM: “The administration has taken crucial steps in . . . improving our immigration system.

DO: The administration effectively opened the southern borders, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country and begin collecting federal benefits. Biden and most of the country’s media ignored the resulting chaos in Texas, Arizona and other states.

CLAIM: The Biden administration “provided targeted student debt relief as part of a comprehensive effort to address the burden of rising college costs. . .”

DO: He was “targeted” in the sense that several dozen of the 45 million people with federal student debt will not benefit from Biden’s (likely illegal) trillion-dollar loan forgiveness executive order. Debt cancellation will encourage more tuition hikes that will ridicule efforts to control the “rising costs of university education”.

CLAIM: The Biden administration is working “to make sure every American who wants to work can join the workforce. . . Increasing labor force participation can increase the potential of our economy and also help ease price pressures over time.

DO: Biden decreed the largest increase in food stamp benefits in history and scrapped the work requirement for able-bodied adults without children. Food stamps significantly reduce work effort, and recipients are much more likely to become obese than low-income people not receiving benefits.

Gas prices are displayed at a Sunoco gas station
Motorists across the country have felt the impact of high gas prices this summer.
Gene J. Puskar/AP

CLAIM: The report boasts of “a drop of more than $1.20 in gasoline prices this summer” and highlights the administration’s efforts “to bring down inflation.”

DO: Gasoline is much more expensive now than it was at the start of the Biden administration. Inflation remains at its highest level in 40 years. Americans have seen a more than 10% reduction in the purchasing power of their paychecks and savings since Biden took office.

CLAIM: “The Biden-Harris administration has taken decisive action to open America’s schools safely, making it easier for parents.”

DO: Biden has championed school closures during the 2020 election campaign, vilifying Donald Trump for keeping classrooms open. After he took office, Biden appointees, bowing to demands from teachers’ unions, encouraged long delays in reopening. The resulting vast learning loss among students has greatly widened the racial achievement gap among students.

CLAIM: “Offering nearly $3,000 in savings to American families for a pair of hearing aids.

DO: Last month, the Food and Drug Administration finally approved the over-the-counter sale of hearing aids. But it’s not a Biden triumph. After five years of dithering and dithering, the FDA finally complied with the mandate of a law passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in 2017.

Hearing aid in person's ear.
The FDA has approved the sale of over-the-counter hearing aids.
Isaac Hale/The Daily Herald/AP

The FDA’s five-year delay in obeying the law and providing relief to consumers epitomizes the absurdity of Bidenomics. The Blueprint raves about the miraculous benefits of a federal thumb in every pie. There is supposedly no private business or industry that cannot be improved by the intervention of bureaucratic commissioners.

The White House boasts, “The Blueprint also aggressively attracts private investment, especially in areas where America must lead the future. “Aggressive mobs”? Unfortunately, the White House did not provide a translation for this previous line. “No cliché left behind” was the motto of that report: “The Biden-Harris administration is using every tool in its toolbox. . .”

Biden thinks flooding dozens of failing federal programs like Amtrak with billions in new funding will revolutionize public service — except for copy editing.

The report states: “These dynamics required [sic] a fundamental reimagining of the role of the federal government in promoting the productive capacity and resilience of the economy. . .” Elsewhere, the report refers to the Commander-in-Chief as if he were a deity or a battleship: “President Biden’s Leadership on Electric Vehicles. . .”

Regardless of its glitches and mystifying passages, the Biden Blueprint proclaims, “This new architecture must replace the old regime. But the Biden team is actually defending the “old regime” whereby American freedom and prosperity are sacrificed to allow politicians and their cronies to live like royalty.


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