Big Brother 24’s Ameerah Talks About Blindside, Taylor Treatment

Big Brother 24’s Ameerah Talks About Blindside, Taylor Treatment

This is what you call a blind side. Amerah Jones had no idea that she was excluded from the Big Brother 24 home before his eviction live on Thursday, July 28.

The UX content designer, 31, thought she had the voices to sit next to the bus driver Terrence Higgin. But she didn’t know that an unlikely group, calling themselves “The Leftovers”, made up of Mount Taylor, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Taylor Hale, Hoops of Brittany, Michael Bruner and head of household Matthew “Turner, hatched a secret plan to send her home.

“This whole ‘Leftover’ alliance shocked me,” Ameerah exclusively tells We Weekly the day after his expulsion. “I knew something was up because I knew Turner wouldn’t make a move like that without having backup. But man, I couldn’t put the pieces together and it kept me up all night trying to figure out who was working with Turner and who was trying to get me out.


Ameerah says “there are some good actors in there” and that she feels most betrayed by Monte because “he was someone I trusted in the Po’s Pack alliance and he came to me see for a final two the very first week”. She adds, “I always thought we had each other’s backs and I constantly stood up for him when the girls wanted to bring him up in the neighborhood.”

Because she was so confident she was staying, we didn’t actually see Ameerah campaigning for the votes, although she tells We“I felt like I campaigned, but apparently I didn’t campaign hard enough.”

Big Brother 24s Ameerah reacts to Blindside responds to Taylor's treatment

As for how Taylor was treated and bullied around the house, specifically by Daniel Durston and some of the women, Ameerah acknowledges that she contributed to the problem. “She definitely didn’t deserve this,” she said We. “I have to admit there are definitely things I and other people in the house said that probably shouldn’t have been said. As for piling dogs on her, that’s was in the beginning. It’s because she said a lot of sarcastic things to people as we perceived them. A lot of things were like said under her breath and honestly, they weren’t that bad at all to deserve that.

Ameerah goes on to admit that things have gone too far. “At first it was kind of just, like, we’re in this game right now and we’re strategizing and we’re just trying to be careful with everybody. And if anybody does anything, we automatically don’t trust him. But as I went on, some people, I heard them saying more inappropriate things. And so, at some point, there was an explosion and I had to start saying things. things to people, which I think was inappropriate. It started small, but it just kept snowballing and a lot of people were saying things that probably shouldn’t have been said.

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