Bold & Beautiful: As Steffy/Finn Reunite, What’s Next For Taylor/Ridge?

Bold & Beautiful: As Steffy/Finn Reunite, What’s Next For Taylor/Ridge?

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All roads currently lead to Monaco, where Bold and beautiful‘s Steffy and Finn are finally getting together. Of course, what happens next is the big question, given that the show doesn’t really have much else to do. Meanwhile, even as the show geared up to do what it did best, it also managed to give a few examples of what it did the worst. And don’t get me started on what’s going to happen between… well, too late, I started. So let’s go, okay?

Spit it out, woman!

I understand that Li was very traumatized by everything she had been through, but I kinda wanted someone to slap her and, like Cher in Dreamer, yell, “Get away! I’m not a world renowned psychiatrist like our beloved Dr. Taylor, but Li’s trauma didn’t strike me as particularly real. She could clearly remember recent events, but had somehow forgotten how to form words?

Bill Li B&B

“Oh, are we playing charades?” Is it a movie? It looks like… “

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It was another one of those weeks where he would have been extremely useful for Bold and beautiful to play a B story. You’ve heard me say it often enough, so repeat it with me: having characters that talk about the A story is not the same as having a B story. If viewers aren’t interested in the one story you’re telling — or, as happened this week, it’s just spinning its wheels so it doesn’t go too fast where it’s going — there’s absolutely nothing to entertain them.

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Travel by car!

It’s almost impossible to think of Bold and beautiful not remembering some of the amazing filming the show has done over the years. From a fashion show aboard the queen mary to Steffy and Wyatt’s wedding aboard Bill’s yacht, and from Australia to Monte Carlo, this show literally took us around the world. And whenever it does, it’s for a big plot point or payoff, usually of the romantic kind. Even Quinn riding her bike on the beach was so she could claim Carter before he married Paris.

Wyatt, Wedding Yacht Hope Bold and Beautiful

Of course, their wedding hit rough seas almost immediately, but Wyatt and Hope (then Kimberly Matula) kicked things off in style on Bill’s yacht!

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No other soap does it better. What started this week and will continue next week proves it once again. This isn’t the first time the show has figured out how to combine its annual trip to Monaco with a climactic storyline to get its money’s worth.

Sense and Nonsense

After spending most of the week with one character after another spitting out repetitive and sometimes mind-numbing expositions, the series decided to hit the fast-forward button on Thursday. Within minutes, Li and Bill burst in to rescue Finn, who at the end of the episode was on a jet bound for Monaco. Unfortunately, the “defy logic” button is clearly right next to the one labeled “fast forward”, and someone’s fingers are hitting both at the same time.

Bold Beautiful Li finn bill sheila

“I’ve been lying in the trash for weeks and look beat up, but Steffy is in a cozy rehab and needs you. Go to her!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Otherwise, how to explain that Liam, who knew very well that Sheila had an accomplice, did not bother to tell his father? Or that Li, who had just found his son, would send him with Bill and not say, “Hey, wait a few minutes for the police to come, and we can all go together.” Or that Bill, whose newly developed sense of compassion led him to welcome a complete stranger, would think, “You know what’s a good idea? I’m gonna leave the woman I just saved with that rabid psychopath. What could be worse? »

Here we go again!

In the meantime, I’m a little shocked at what’s about to unfold. Who there thought that Ridge had finally chosen between Brooke and Taylor, and that we would walk away from it? Who’s to assume that when Deacon made it clear he was a much better alternative to Ridge, Taylor got the message loud and clear?

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“I mean, I have 10 extra minutes if you want to kiss.”

Credit: Sean Smith/CBS

Well, anyone who raised their hand for either question is going to be really pissed off to hear that next week Taylor is deciding yet again that Ridge is the only fish in the sea. Apparently we don’t can’t have shiny new things (like Taylor and Deacon) because we have to keep pretending that the world famous psychiatrist doesn’t even have the slightest bit of self-respect.

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Random thoughts

• I’m a big fan of Vincent Irizarry, but what was the point, exactly, of presenting him as a glorified day player? Dr. Armstrong gave no insight into Li’s condition, doing little more than the equivalent of saying, “Give him two aspirins and a nice hot shower.”

Bold beautiful jordan li

“She has a pulse and…do you want to check the time?” I have tee time!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• You know your show is full of rich people when of them private jets fly to the same destination.

• Had to laugh at the sexy saxophone music that emphasized Mike releasing Sheila. Poor horny Mike, tricked again by a woman he’s been obsessed with for decades. Come to think of it, why did he help her escape in the first place? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the loving jailer to keep her behind bars, where he had complete control and could see her whenever he wanted?

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