Celebrities who use subliminal messages

The rise in popularity of subliminal messages seems to come out of nowhere! Suddenly people are talking about subliminals, using CDs and mp3s, and there are more companies out there selling subliminal mp3s and CDs than ever.

This is partly due to the endorsement of celebrities like Tony Robbins who used them, even Stephen Spielberg. and even Tiger Woods. These are people who are very successful in their fields, who have done everything possible to reach the top and, at some point, have “confessed” to using subliminal messages to help them succeed.

If you’re new to subliminal messaging, it’s a pretty simple concept. Subliminal messages are basically just positive affirmations, only the upside is that instead of saying it yourself someone else has recorded them for you … with the added bonus that you can play the album in the background and it won’t distract you – because you won’t hear. not even an audible voice. This means you can take it anywhere with you. Play the CD or MP3s anywhere, anytime and nobody will even know what you are listening to. On the surface all it appears is the sounds of the ocean / nature.

Subliminals may not be for everyone. Some people prefer a more active form of therapy, conversation, or even audible hypnosis. However, it is available to everyone. There are hundreds of subliminal audio albums out there on just about every subject you can think of. So whether you want to improve your harmonica playing, or improve your confidence, there is a subliminal CD out there with your name on it.

If it’s good enough for Stephen Spielberg and Tiger Woods, then why not try it too?

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