Celebrity Branding – Taking advantage of a star’s popularity

One of the commonly viewed advertisements today is called Celebrity Branding advertising. We see famous and talented artists endorsing different products in television shows, programs, special events and commercials. Branded clothes, perfumes, makeup, sports gear and the like are doing well in the market. All of these items bear the distinctive names of movie stars, models, actors and actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and others.

Customers have the flexibility to adapt to the products offered on the market, especially if they are new. Additionally, if they find that the products are represented and endorsed by famous people, they become eager and excited to purchase them for both personal use and gift giving. Through further studies and research by brand specialists, they assign prominent personalities who can represent a specific product based on different aspects such as their personality, occupation, physical attributes or even their ability to effectively provide consumers with the true essence of the product or of the charity project. Miss India Aishwarya Rai, crowned Miss World, possesses jaw-dropping and expressive eyes and has effectively campaigned for a major eye donation event. The voice over method of advertising touches celebrities with distinct voices that fascinate and attract more customers. Advertising is always full of creative ideas and strategies that actually work.

As of now, nearly 20% of advertisers are using the celebrity-approved promotional method. Once a famous personality signs a contract with advertisers, many products and brands will surely rise in the market. Product sponsors are experts in projecting the image of the product and the company to the buying viewers. Different products with a single popular testimonial can even effectively switch between personalities just to be able to relate the meaning and function of a specific product with interested consumers. Many have actually done this like David Beckham in endorsing Gillette and Passion.

Another method of Celebrity Advertising is through the use of celebrity logos or graphic images that can totally represent a well known figure such as actors, models and more. Even simple initials like Jennifer Lopez’s JLO fashion brand logo. The JLO product brand allows several Jennifer Lopez related products to appear branded and highly regarded due to Jennifer’s stardom. Their popularity and talent are enough to attract a large crowd of consumers even in their absence. Any product that will be represented by superstar logos, initials and designs will fulfill the advertising purpose in some way.

The big names in the corporate sector have really set a budget for celebrity branding method in advertising their products and services. Nothing can offset the load of customers who will be magnetized by superstars. Popular and credible personalities can create business moguls from a single product. One of the successful advertising agencies that have created an exclusive advertising company focused on celebrity endorsement is Davie Brown Entertainment. They have exquisitely selected celebrities to represent their products and designed ads related to their chosen testimonial. Their strict strategy is proof that they are selective and meticulous when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is synonymous with business success.

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