Charlotte woman credits boyfriend for big NC lottery win

A woman found out she had won a lottery jackpot only when her boyfriend urged her to check the $5 bill again, North Carolina lottery officials said Saturday.

Five top prizes remain to be claimed in the new Cashword Multiplier NC scratch game, lottery officials said. NC EDUCATION LOTTERY

Tiffany Griffin bought a ticket in the new crossword-themed scratch game Cashword Multiplier because “I’ve always loved doing crosswords,” the 42-year-old said when she claimed her first prize from $150,000 at lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Friday.

It beat odds of 1 in 3.91 million, according to the Cashword Multiplier page on NC

“Scratch crossword puzzles are the only ones I buy,” she said, according to a press release about the lottery.

Griffin lives in Charlotte. She bought the ticket at the BP Food Mart on West Sugar Creek Road in Queen City, according to the lottery.

She thought she made $500 at first and called her boyfriend to tell him. Griffin said she checked the ticket again when he told her to look at the ticket “very carefully”.

That’s when she spotted new letters she hadn’t scratched yet.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” Griffin said. “I had to take a second to breathe.”

After taxes, Griffin took home $106,516, officials said.

She plans to pay bills and do home repairs with part of her winnings, according to the lottery.

Cashword Multiplier launched in August with six prizes of $150,000. Five remain to be claimed.

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