Christie Brinkley’s Lookalike Daughter Sailor Enchants Fans With These Glowing Bikini Photos

Christie Brinkley’s Lookalike Daughter Sailor Enchants Fans With These Glowing Bikini Photos

Christie Brinkleyit is look alike the girl Marin Brinkley-Cook show the world she’s a confident superstar in these jaw-dropping new scenes bikini snapshots.

On July 28, Brinkley-Cook uploaded a series of photos that are making everyone’s head spin (in more ways than one!). The model posted the photos with the simple caption, “Yellow.”

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In the first photo, Brinkley-Cook shows off her gorgeous, toned body in a bright yellow bikini. She poses by a pillar, gazing into the distance as fans are enthralled by the images. In the next photo we see a photo of a yellow flower (which we also find in the fourth slide), further showing that it is blooming right now!

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Then, in the third and fifth photos, we see photos of her full body modeling the bikini, breathtaking in every snapshot.

Brinkley’s lookalike girl frequently posts bikini photos on her Instagram timeline. Bless fans with photos of her modeling different bikinis at the beach. Besides being a gorgeous model like her superstar mother, Brinkley-Cook has several causes close to her heart.

Brinkley Cook previously revealed to hello america this she had severe body dysmorphia since she was young. “My mom didn’t really know the pain I went through when I was at my worst,” she says. “I grew up a bit overweight and constantly felt the weight of my excess weight on me because of people who teased me and people who looked at me differently. It’s just crazy how this can really shut down your self-esteem.

But she became a force with her positive body awareness. In a recent interview with Paradeshe says, “As I get older, I learn to stop creating these stupid limits for myself and these stupid ideals about myself, and to find a balance throughout life, and to try to enjoy all the little parts of life.When you care about the number of calories in your meal…you are missing out on such an amount of life.

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