Disney’s 1995 Gargoyles Genesis Game Is Getting A Remaster


Image: disney

disney had a big event last week that, I’ll be honest, I got carried away because the ads As Avatar games and Extraterrestrial games that are not Insulation after are not really for me. One thing they didn’t really cover, though, and which I wish they had done in much more detail, is the excellent new than classic platform game Gargoyles gets a remaster.

Released in 1995 for the Genesis, Gargoyles was based on the animated series of the same name, and like many other Disney games of the time—Aladdin and Lion King in particular, even though they were developed by different studios-was famous not only for its platforming action, but for the way beautiful it was.

Look at this. Look at the!

1995 Gargoyles (Sega Genesis) game video game 60fps

Everything about it is Sega Genesis, mid-90s perfection. The way the backgrounds wrap around the player, the flickering of torchlight, the train-level scrolling, argh, it’s all so Well. And the animations! It is simply magnificent.

Anyway, enough of me getting all sentimental, you got the idea. This game was great, but also Gargoyles was never this popular, and so neither was this licensed adaptation, and despite its similar pedigree, it was never so fondly remembered as, say, Aladdin.

Maybe that’s about to change, though, because tucked away in Disney’sthe summary of last week’s press release is:

Remastered Gargoyles: The classic ’90s platformer comes to modern consoles and PCs with updated visuals and controls in collaboration with Empty Clip Studios.

It’s cool! I’m always wary of attempts to take classic games and give them “updated visuals” – death to scaling filters in particular –so hopefully there is still an option to play it as it was originally developed and designed. Although to instantly contradict me, the controls and movement of the original feel also sucked, so attempts to add “updated controls” won’t be as controversial.


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