Dragon Ball Super Art Pitches Cell’s Return to the TV Anime

Dragon Ball Super is releasing its theatrical run in the United States, and its latest film has put all eyes back on the anime. Thanks to Gohan and Piccolo, the series has received a publicity boost like never before, and the stars aren’t the only ones shining. Besides Goku and Vegeta, Dragon Ball Super has put Cell back on the map, and a gorgeous piece of artwork is making the rounds in his return to the TV show.

As you can see below, the artwork is from DBSKAKERU1 on Twitter. The artist has released a number of pieces since Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero went live, and their most recent is going viral. After all, he imagines a timeline where Cell Max completes its incubation and heads to the battlefield.

Obviously the art gives Cell Max a little makeover as the fully finished android isn’t a monster. In fact, the character resembles Perfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z in stature. Their coloring and features may differ here and there. But in the end, this incubated warrior reverts to Cell’s most terrifying form here.

Of course, you can imagine the kind of damage Cell Max could do in this finished state. The berserk android was able to devastate the fighters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Piccolo had to unlock his own ultimate form to fight the villain, and Cell Max still overpowered the Namekian. In the end, Gohan was only able to defeat Cell Max after he enhanced his Ultimate Form, so you can see why Cell Max 2.0 would be a massive threat.

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The anime’s new movie may end with Cell Max being destroyed, but that doesn’t mean the franchise can’t bring the iconic android back into the fold. Dr. Hedo may be working for heroes these days, but there’s no sign that his family is okay. Villains run in the family since the boy is Dr. Gero’s grandson, and given what we know about Dragon Ball lore, Android 21 might revive Cell Max just to give her husband’s successor something. what to work against.

Do you think the TV anime should hire Cell for a new arc? Or should the android be left alone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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