Eagles’ Cam Jurgens got ‘irreplaceable’ 1st team reps in camp

Because Jason Kelce missed a few weeks of training camp after minor elbow surgery, rookie Cam Jurgens had a ton of chances with the Eagles’ first-team offense in training camp.

Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland called these reps “irreplaceable.”

But that slowed Jurgens’ development in another area.

Stoutland wanted Nebraska’s second-round pick to have training camp reps on guard, but that couldn’t happen as Jurgens spent most of his summer alongside Landon Dickerson and Isaac Seumalo with first team attack.

“I couldn’t do that because Kelce was (injured),” Stoutland said. “It removed that. It’s not done yet. I think you have to play other positions if you’re not a starter. Now we are a little behind in this process.

“My intention was to do some of that. Now I’ve done some of that in the walkthroughs inside. … I was jumping it to the guard in the walkthroughs and he was doing one party. But not there live and all that. I couldn’t do it. I can’t move somebody else to the center.

It looks like now that Kelce is back and ready to play the regular season, Stoutland will start coaching Jurgens more at guard. Stoutland still insists on the need for substitutes to play in multiple positions. More on that in a moment.

Stout said he learned a lot about Jurgens this summer.

“Oh! To play with the first group, see what he can do against our first defense and see how he can play against top players,” he said. “That’s your only real test. It’s the only way you know. And it performed amazing.

Learn more about versatility

The Eagles are very healthy for their Week 1 game against the Lions, but suffered a significant injury. Auxiliary left tackle Andre Dillard fractured his left forearm in practice, required surgery and is now on injured reserve. So he’s been out for at least four weeks.

So who is the Eagles’ auxiliary left tackle if something happens to Jordan Mailata?

Don’t rule out Jack Driscoll. While Driscoll took most of his reps at right tackle during training camp, he’s played guard before and Stoutland wants him to be basically ready to play any position on the line. Stout specifically pointed to Isaac Seumalo, who has already played five different positions in the same game.

“I think Jack is at the point where he can be that kind of player,” Stoutland said.

How much do the Eagles value the versatility of their O linemen? If you haven’t already figured it out, Stoutland basically said the Eagles are keeping OL Josh Sills undrafted because he can play every spot on the line.

The Eagles knew Sills could be a decent guard, but even Stoutland was impressed with the way he played the tackle position in camp.

“When you can create value for yourself and for the organization by being able to play in multiple positions when you’re not a starter, you know you’re here,” Stoutland said. “I think two years ago we had eight offensive linemen in IR. It’s incredible. It’s in the back of my head. We have to make sure we are ready, we have plan A, plan B, plan C and we are good to go.

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