‘Echoes’ Fans Yell Michelle Monaghan Is a “Smoke Show” in Stunning New Instagram Photos

With echoes currently one of the best shows on Netflix, the actress Michelle Monaghan got viewers talking about her unique portrayal as main protagonists Leni and Gina McCleary. Moreover, she also knows how to attract the attention of people away from the small screen.

On August 29, the Impossible mission The star stopped her followers in her tracks when she posted pictures of herself in the sun on Instagram. In the photos, Michelle appears to be bare-faced while sporting a voluminous side part of hair with hints of blonde highlights. She also wears an olive green slip dress with thin spaghetti straps. A closer look reveals ruffles all over the outfit.

But it was the angle of the photos that caught fans’ attention. Standing next to a mirror, it looks like Michelle has cloned herself. For some, that was just a bit off-the-nose given the characters she’s popular for right now.

“On point. 💫,” she captioned the snaps, directly referencing her hit miniseries in the caption.

Wasting no time, fans immediately noticed when the Echoes added the photos to her feed and took to her Instagram comments section to let her know how amazing she looked.

“Smoke show and mirrors…😍,” one person wrote. ” You are beautiful ! another added. “I see this and immediately think about this fucking Leni and Gina 🤣🤣🤣,” another fan joked.

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Speaking of all the doubles, people who haven’t listened to the mystery thriller might be wondering what echoes is about. The series follows a set of identical twins (played by Michelle) who hide a major secret from their friends and family: they have been switching places since they were children. When one of the twins suddenly disappears, their perfectly created lives – which include sharing two husbands and a child – begin to unravel.

While there’s been no news regarding a season 2 (this is a miniseries, after all), we can at least count on Michelle to keep us guessing.

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