Ellen Pompeo wants Grey’s Anatomy to be less “preachy”

Ellen Pompeo wants Grey's Anatomy to be less "preachy"

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Grey’s Anatomy star (and executive producer) Ellen Pompeo has already announced a major change she will be implementing on the show 19th Season Coming Meaning To Have A Little Less Of Ellen Pompeo Hanging Around. (She has a Hulu show that it works.)

Now, however, Pompeo has talked about other changes she’d like to see on the show, on which she’s now played Dr. Meredith Gray for 17 years. Specifically, Pompeo (as quoted by Variety) gave a podcast interview this week, on his own show Tell me, in which she stated that she wanted the show to be less “predatory”.

To be clear: Pompeo was not saying the show shouldn’t tackle issues, which it does in its own admittedly melodramatic way for the most part the last two decades. What she calls, however, are those times when the show goes very strong on a single social topic for a single episode, then quickly forgets once next week rolls around. Here is his full quote:

I think if I had any desire honestly, it would be to be less judgmental in an episode about certain things. It’s like we’re doing an episode on Let’s See… Asian Hate Crimes is one we did last season that was really moving. I think I would like to see things happen a little more subtly and in time. You know, constantly and less kind of hitting you on the head for just an hour and then we never talk about it again.

It’s worth noting, as we did above, that Pompeo serves as an executive producer on the show, so she likely has some influence on its storytelling. (Although it should also be pointed out that Grey’s Anatomy has accumulated a plot of executive producers over the years.)


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