EP Rinkside’s top 20 centres ranking for the 2022-23 season

Every year, I set myself the task of classifying the 20 best players in each position, a thankless but fun task all the same. I do this by not just basing it on points or wins over substitution or any metric, but by trying to consider a player’s contributions holistically.

While we may not be blessed with the ultra-detailed statistics available to NHL offices, we humble members of the public have far more resources than many people realize, and I use all those that are available. This includes TopDownHockey’s wins over the replacement model and Corey Sznajder’s hand-tracked microstats. These combined measurements allow us to obtain a good picture of What players contribute and How? ‘Or’ What They contribute. They are valuable for this type of analysis.

In the first part of the series, I started things off on the left wings, a historically undervalued position that made headlines this year. In the second part, I classified the right wings. Today, it’s the big one: the centres.

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