‘Exciting, scary and volatile’ – Justice Served’s Hlomla Dandala on the trending series

Hlomla Dandala in Justice Served.

Hlomla Dandala in Justice Served.

  • Netflix’s latest African original series Justice done has been trending since its inception last week.
  • The six-episode series follows the high-stakes drama set in a backdoor South African courtroom.
  • Here, the actors share insight into their characters and what it was like working on the production.

Since Netflix’s last African Original Justice done premiering on the streaming service last week, it was the number 1 show in South Africa.

The six-episode series follows the high-stakes drama set in a backdoor South African courtroom.

Hlomla Dandala plays Azania Maqoma, the leader of a group of freedom fighters called Numooris who invades a courtroom on the final day of the trial, where a guilty verdict is expected, to take matters into his own hands.

He has been on television screens as a lead actor in various roles, but for River actor this role evoked a trilogy of emotions.

“Working on this project was exceptionally exciting, scary and volatile,” he said in a red carpet interview with Channel24.

“Volatile is the word that constantly comes to mind. When you do a character like this, you have to have your nerves on edge and allow yourself to go where the character takes you. It took a lot of courage .”

“What I hope people take away from this is that they give themselves permission to pursue their sense of justice and speak their truths,” he said.

Motshabi Tyelele, who plays Judge Bhengu, echoed a similar sentiment and said it was “pretty exciting” to work on the production and added that it was one of the “prettiest” projects ever. she could have done.

“It’s exciting because there’s so much to take away from it and watch and compare. Now is the time; it’s a situation where we have to start asking really hard questions about where we are at. as a society, what justice is, and how our system is challenged.”

The veteran actor added that she hopes people will challenge themselves to make the country a better place, despite all the challenges society is facing.


One of Nummori’s members, Anton Jeftha (who plays TK), described his character as “exceptionally loyal”. “For him, I think, it’s the greatest betrayal to come out of the fraternity.”

He added that he enjoyed playing the character of TK, despite his brash nature. “He shoots now and asks questions later. I think he’s an angry person based on things that happened in his past, but, in his mind, he’s doing the right thing for the greater good.”

Another member of Team Numoori is Bokang Phelane (who plays Vanessa).

“It was an exciting experience; I felt honoured,” she said. “It’s a great moment, and it’s a great story.”

Phelane added that the Numoori represent “many of us as people”.

Tiisetso Thoka, who plays the hapless Sphiwe, said playing the character was “one of the best” of his career.

“I’ve played so many characters that have erupted internationally, but this one, I think, resonated with me personally,” Thoka said. “I have an uncle who is a security guard, so there are bits and pieces I had to pick up here and there to make it come to life.”

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