Fans Think Kris Jenner Looks Completely Unrecognizable With a New Matrix Hairstyle

Fans Think Kris Jenner Looks Completely Unrecognizable With a New Matrix Hairstyle

Not too long ago, we crowned Khloe Kardashian our 2022 hair chameleon. I mean, going from long mermaid waves to a drastic bob bang is queen-like behavior, sure. However, we may have acted in haste (soz, Khlo) because Kar-Jenner klan leader Kris just walked off and made himself unrecognizable with a sleek, wavy hairstyle.

And not only that, but this style comes to us after bob-meets-bixie cuts. Yes, two more Kris Jenner hairstyles appear to be adding to the files. In April, everyone’s favorite mumager ditched her trademark hairstyle for something a little longer. And then, just when we were getting used to longer hair, she added a few layers to her locks. Some may say she is on a roll.

Now, her newest style may be her most dramatic yet — so much so that fans think she’s *completely* unrecognizable. Desperate to see said transformation? Watch the TikTok below uploaded by her daughter, Kylie Jenner.

I don’t know about you, but this deep side slicked look (combined with the sunglasses and the black ensemble, ofc) gives us a total Matrix vibes. Clearly, Keanu Reeves has competition… is this a reboot call?

Like us, fans were quick to score a double (read: triple quadruple) took the video and even left a few comments to share their surprise.

One fan wrote: ‘Why did it take me so long to realize it was Kris’.

A second said: “I didn’t even recognize Kris đŸ˜±”.

While another commented: “Kris looks different….”.

Someone else said: “pov: you double-checked to see if it’s kris and kylie because they look different”.

And completely unrelated but nonetheless totally relevant, with over 40,000 likes, another comment read, “Ok Kris needs his own account stats.” We hold.

KJ, we’re waiting…

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