Fantasy: Week 1 Rankings (Sunday Update)

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theScore’s justin boon was first overall in FantasyPros’ Most Accurate Expert competition in 2019 and has finished in the top seven each of his last seven years in the contest. Follow the links below to see his ranking for Week 1.

Half PPR
QC | RB | WR | AND | DEF | K | Flex
RB | WR | AND | Flex
RB | WR | AND | Flex


R k Player Crew Opp
1 lamar jackson BL @NYJ
2 Josh Allen BUF @LAR
3 Patrick Mahomes II K.C. @ARI
4 Jalen hurts ISP @ DET
5 Justin Herbert LAKE vs. BT
6 Russell Wilson LAIR @ SEA
seven Tom Brady TB @DAL
8 Kyler Murray ARI against K.C.
9 Joe Terrier RIC vs. PIT
ten Aaron Rodgers GB @MIN
11 Dak Prescott DAL vs tuberculosis
12 Trey Lance SF @CHI
13 Matthew Stafford LAR vs. BUF
14 James Winston NOPE @ATL
15 Derek Carr BT @ LAC
16 Kirk Cousins MIN vs GB
17 matt ryan INDIANA @HOU
18 Trevor Lawrence JAX @ HAS BEEN
19 Tua Tagovailoa MIA against NE
20 Ryan Tannehill TEN vs NYG
21 Carson Wentz HAS BEEN against JAX
22 Mayfield Baker SELF vs. KEY
23 Justin Fields CHI against SF
24 Jared Goff TED compared to private health insurance
25 Daniel Jones NYG @ TEN
26 Mitch Trubisky PIT @RIC
27 Marcus Mariota ATL against NO
28 Davis Mills HOO vs. IND
29 McJones NOT @MIA
30 Joe Flacco NYJ vs BAL
31 Jacoby Brisset KEY @AUTO
32 Geno Smith SEA against DEN

Half PPR
QC | RB | WR | AND | DEF | K | Flex
RB | WR | AND | Flex
RB | WR | AND | Flex

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