‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Vet Reacts to Flurry of ‘Gorgeous’ Cast Additions

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Vet Reacts to Flurry of ‘Gorgeous’ Cast Additions

Grey’s AnatomyThe influx of five (count ’em, five) cast additions for Season 19 is ‘exciting’ and ‘beautiful,’ says series vet Catherine Scorsone.

As announced in recent weeks, a quintet of first-year surgical residents are set to walk the halls of Gray Sloan Memorial this fall. You have Adelaide Kane (Reign) as Jules Millin, who was raised by drug-addicted artists/hippies “and somehow became the only real adult in the family”, more Harry Shum Jr. (Joylisten)) as Daniel “Blue” Kwan, a quick-witted, impatient, and brilliant resident who is “generous by nature but competitive to excess”.

Other new features for Season 19 are Niko Terho – who played opposite Grey’s‘ Jake Borelli in the 2020 Freeform Movie The thing about Harry – like Lucas Adams, who is determined to prove himself as a surgeon (as are many of his family members who came before him), and Midori Francois (Sex life of college girls) as Mika Yasuda, a middle child with eight siblings who is used to being overlooked and underappreciated (and uses it to her advantage).

Finally, but perhaps most curiously, you have Alexis Floyd (Invent Anna) playing Simone Griffin, a high-achieving, intelligent young woman who grew up in Seattle…”but never wanted to work at Gray Sloan because of a painful personal history with the hospital.”

Series vet Scorsone, who plays Amelia, tweeted on Saturday night that she had the script for the season premiere in hand and was memorizing her lines, before adding, “The classic cast is ready and rolling. The new additions to the cast are exciting and beautiful. Inside and outside.”

Are you as if excited for the infusion (transfusion?) or new blood for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19?

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