Groot Gets Engulfed In Flames In New Deleted Scene Art

After a successful theatrical tour, Thor: Love and Thunder is now available to stream on Disney+ at no additional cost to subscribers. The film follows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where he is back in New Asgard with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Taika Waititi’s Korg. Waititi also directed the film, giving him his second directing credit in the MCU.

The Guardians of the Galaxy made an appearance in the film, however, they were only in the opening scenes before heading off on their next adventure. In the short time they had, however, they were able to get an action scene with Thor by their side, even though the god of thunder did most of the fighting himself.

However, it looks like the Guardians were originally meant to be around a bit longer than they were in the final cut, as some deleted scene artwork was recently revealed at Disney’s D23 exhibit. .

Flaming Head of Groot in Thor: Love and Thunder

Disney’s D23 Expo is currently taking place this weekend in Anaheim, California. At the Marvel Studios booth, there was a presentation recently for Thor: Love and Thunderwhich included artwork by Anthony Francisco of a deleted scene from the film, as well as concept art for some of the other elements that made it into the final cut.


The deleted scene artwork features the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside Thor as they all work together to take down a massive group of enemies.

Thor: love and thunder illustration, Groot, Rocket, D23 Expo

The most notable part of the image, however, is that Groot’s head and left arm are engulfed in flames. It’s unclear who may have set it on fire, but since it’s a tree, the Guardians should have acted quickly so it wouldn’t take too much damage.

Thor: Love and Thunder, D23 Expo

Another piece of art features Thor commanding an army of children of all different races. It looks like one of the kids even wields Stormbreaker and harnesses the power of the axe.

Thor: Love and Thunder Artwork, Screaming Goats, D23 Expo

The final piece features the howling goats that made several appearances throughout the film. In this particular example, they pull the ship that Thor and his companions used to travel to the Shadow Realm.

Why was Groot’s head on fire?

Deleted scenes are always a nice addition to a movie’s special features that a majority of fans want to experience when the DVD is available for purchase. Even then, there are still early ideas and concepts that never even get filmed for MCU movies. In Thor: Love and ThunderIn Groot’s case, the illustration of Groot’s head in flames is one such scene.

While the team was still thinking about how they wanted to include the Guardians of the Galaxy, chances are someone came up with a pretty big battle scene where Groot is set on fire by the enemy. Knowing Taika Waititi, he may have even suggested Groot do it to himself as a battle strategy, but then decided to cut it when there was no way to explain why the character would get hurt.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now available to stream on Disney+.


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