Hashtag Trending July 25 – Uber non-prosecution; Amazon is the best workplace; ransomware hits small Canadian town

Hashtag Trending July 28 – Facebook increasing expectations for employees; Low smartphone sales in China; Senate advances U.S. semiconductor bill

Uber reaches a non-prosecution agreement with the FTC, LinkedIn ranks Amazon as the best company to work for, and a ransomware attack has hit a small Canadian town.

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Uber has admitted hiding a data breach in 2016 that affected 57 million passengers and drivers. On Friday, the company reached a non-prosecution agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission to avoid lawsuits. Uber waited a year before disclosing the breach, and when the event came to light, it fired its former chief security officer, Joseph Sullivan, for covering up the event. As part of the investigation, Uber paid $148 million to settle claims in all 50 US states in 2018.

Source: Reuters

According to LinkedIn, Amazon is the best company to work for in 2022, ahead of Alphabet and Well Fargo. In its ranking, LinkedIn praised Amazon for investing in its workforce. The company announced it was doubling its maximum base salary for enterprise technology workers and increased the average salary for warehouse workers last year. In addition, the company invested $1.2 billion to expand its development initiatives. Amazon now also pays 100% tuition for frontline employees, as well as coverage for GEDs and English proficiency certificates.

Source: LinkedIn

A ransomware attack grips the picturesque town of St. Mary’s in Ontario. According to a message to visitors to St. Mary’s website, a July 20 cybersecurity incident locked down the city’s internal server and encrypted data, a classic sign of a ransomware attack. However, most city functions are operating normally, including police, fire and public transport. A separate press release said staff were working to fully restore service. The review is still active on the site as of the evening of July 24.

Source: City of Sainte-Marie

A chess robot grabbed and broke his seven-year-old opponent’s finger. In the game that took place in Russia last week, the robot arm pinched the child’s finger after picking up a coin, apparently because the child placed his hand on the board before the robot could completed its actions. Onlookers quickly freed the child, but his finger had to be placed in a cast. Luckily there were no major injuries and he was able to finish the tournament the following day.

Source: The Guardian

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