Hashtag Trending July 28 – Facebook increasing expectations for employees; Low smartphone sales in China; Senate advances U.S. semiconductor bill

Hashtag Trending July 28 – Facebook increasing expectations for employees; Low smartphone sales in China; Senate advances U.S. semiconductor bill

Facebook to operate with “increased intensity”, smartphone sales in China plummet, US Senate advances multi-billion dollar bill subsidizing chip manufacturing.

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A memo sent by Facebook’s human resources manager indicates heightened expectations for employees, sending the message that those who perform poorly could lose their jobs. According to an article by Business Intern, Meta plans to operate with “increased intensity”. Its head of human resources sent out a memo in early July setting out some expectations for managers to build high-performing teams. Those who don’t reach the new level of intensity should be transferred out of the company, said Lori Goler, human resources manager. Other Meta executives made internal comments and wrote memos alluding to possible job cuts. Additionally, Facebook internally announced a spring hiring freeze. This year’s cuts could affect 10% of the company’s 78,000 workers, Initiated reported.

Source: Business Intern

Smartphone sales in China have fallen to volumes last seen in 2012. Research for the second quarter of 2022 found that only around 60 million smartphones were sold during the quarter, less than half of the peak sales period in China in the fourth quarter of 2016. The register reported that the COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the main reason for the drop in sales. COVID-19 lockdowns in Chinese cities have prevented consumers from going out and buying things. Chinese brands Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi all lost market share. However, analysts say the second half of the year could be brighter for smartphone sales in China with new foldable phones on the way.

Source: The register

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 64 to 32 to advance a $280 billion funding plan to boost domestic semiconductor technologies. The bill will now be returned to the House. If passed there, it will then head to President Biden, who has signaled his support for reviving chipmaking in the United States and plans to sign the bill into law. The bill provides about $52 billion in subsidies for the semiconductor industry in addition to a 25% tax credit for companies that build chip factories, or fabs, in the country. The bill also authorizes $200 billion to improve scientific research.

Source: the wall street journal

Google has introduced aerial views of major landmarks on Google Maps for Android and iOS. Some of these landmarks include Big Ben in London, Empire State Building in New York, and Alcatraz in San Francisco. According to Engadget, the new feature merges AI with billions of images to create realistic 3D views. Google advertises the feature as a preview tool for tourists. This is just one of the updates Google is making to its Maps service. The company is also upgrading Maps cycling navigation with car traffic and road information. Additionally, Google has added new location sharing notifications that let users know when a friend arrives at their destination.

Source: Engadget

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