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Heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when it comes to representing Queen Elizabeth IIone of the oldest monarchs in history.

Over the years, viewers have had more than a few nuanced glimpses into the captivating life of the royal, who, before her death on September 8 at 96, went down in history as Britain’s longest reigning monarch and oldest female leader. of state in history with 70 years on the throne.

More recently, for the hit Netflix series, The crownactress Claire Foy assumed the role of Queen in the first and second seasons, with Olivia Colman portraying her in both the third and fourth. When the series returns later this year for the fifth season, the Emmy-nominated star Imelda Staunton will sit on the throne as Britain’s ruler.

Other stars who have donned Her Majesty’s Regalia include Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Sarah Gadon and more.

2022-09-11 20:20:25

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