Hobby shops are also popular with the celebrity crowd

The American public idolizes celebrities for various reasons: fame, money, power and influence, just to name a few. We emulate their style in many ways, but with some celebrities frequenting their hobby shop nearby to cater to their picking habits, are we going to start following this trend too? Listed below are some famous celebrities and their unique interests in the acquisition.

Rod Stewart is known for his assortment of model trains. Keifer Sutherland, of the television show “24”, collects Gibson guitars. He now owns over 38 guitars, which he keeps in his studio. Due to his interest in these guitars, Gibson made a personal guitar for Sutherland himself. The only other celebrities with their own personal guitars include Robby Krieger and Slash.

A very interesting hobby shop-goer is Quentin Tarantino, who owns TV program-themed board games. If you see Tarantino, you may also find Nicole Kidman looking at the Judean coin cabinet. Both celebrities are known to be very diligent in their collecting habits. Besides them you might find Angelina Jolie constantly improving her butterfly knife skills with her knife collection.

Other celebrities collect a lot more items off the beaten track. Reese Witherspoon has an antique linen assembly, reminiscent of her eccentric upbringing in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brad Pitt spends a lot of his extra money on metal art, which he collects as he travels the world for his work. He even spent nearly $ 1,000,000 on a work of art during a visit to Switzerland. A more eccentric collector is Tom Hanks, known for buying authentic typewriters from around the world and traveling with them in times of intellectual and creative curiosity.

The two most unusual famous collectors include Claudia Schiffer and Johnny Depp. Schiffer has always had a fondness for insects, which are noticed as soon as you enter her house. Her work of hers includes images of insects and even a piece made up of parts of insects. Often her clothes also reflect her passion for insects, and in particular for spiders of all kinds. The most famous celebrity with this interest of all time has to be Johnny Depp. Depp is known for collecting lamps, decorative furniture, and a pigeon skeleton from a hobby shop in Paris, France.

Regardless of your personal interest, if you decide to hang out at a hobby shop there is a big chance that you might have a fight over a piece with someone famous. Whether it’s antiques, jewelry, or insects, people across the country (and around the world) have an interest in the most outrageous items. When you have some free time, pop into a hobby shop. You may find a new interest and a new famous friend!

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