‘House of the Dragon’ fans discuss Westeros’s emergency contraception

Warning: spoilers ahead for episode 4 of House of the Dragon.

Rhaenyra and Daemon chose the Targaryen path in episode 4 of when they visited a pleasure house and became even more comfortable with each other.

After Daemon returned to Dragonstone and offered his crown to Viserys, Daemon took Rhaenyra for a night on the town, in disguise, where they watched a village play, had a few drinks, and met at a pleasure house. . It was there that Rhaenyra discovered new temptations and eventually found herself making out with her uncle.

This spin-off is about House Targaryen, known for over three hundred years for inbreeding in order to “keep the bloodline pure”, so it came as no surprise to any fan of the series. However, spoiler alert, Rhaenyra and Daemon didn’t go all the way. Daemon seemed to have developed a conscience at the time and walked away, leaving Rhaenyra alone all hot and deranged, which eventually led her to seduce Ser Criston Cole, a member of King Viserys’s Kingsguard.

The next day, Rhaenyra’s date with Ser Criston was kept secret, but her secret date with her uncle was not as Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, revealed to Viserys that his daughter and brother had been seen “mating” in the pleasure house. .

viewers were all for Rhaenyra and Damon and Rhaenyra and Criston, and took to Twitter on Sunday night to congratulate her on her conquests:

But it was King Viserys who sent the Westeros version of a morning after pill, though Rhaenyra had sworn at her mother’s grave that she had not done the deed with Daemon, this really started the conversation:

No baby Criston on the horizon since Rhaenyra was given the tea to “rid her of any undesirable consequences”, but her relationship with her uncle is about to get really messy as Daemon asks Viserys for Rhaenyra’s hand. in marriage.

“Marry her to me. When I offered my crown, you said I could have anything. I want Rhaenyra. I will take her as she is and marry her in the tradition of our house,” Daemon told Viserys. “Give me Rhaenyra as my wife and we will restore the House of the Dragon to its own glory.”

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