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Finding a cast to host a show about a high school football team that goes cannibalistic after a heartbreaking plane crash was always going to be a challenge. Now imagine that you are looking for two casts, one to represent the 1996 timeline and the other to present the survivors of today.

Somehow, yellow jackets was able to stack both sets, but the process was not without its turbulence. (Too early?)

“It really felt like the production was weighing on us,” co-creator Bart Nickerson said. “And it was, ‘Oh my god, we have so many roles to fill and we can’t find the right people,’ but it all falls into place after hours and hours and hours.”

Nickerson and his writing partner and his wife Ashley Lyle were heavily involved in the casting sessions, which Lyle described as “emotionally devastating”.

“Oh man, it’s just a tough day,” she added. “I have so much empathy for every single person who walked into the room.”

While they were choosing two people to play a character, physical consistency was not the creative team’s top priority.

“At the start we said it was a really big challenge and I think we really need to focus on the essence of the character as opposed to the specifics of his physique,” Lyle explained, “and in a weird way , by doing this, we ended up with actors who, miraculously, could all look alike.”

Nickerson added, “We can’t believe the cast we have.”

2022-09-10 09:39:47

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