Johnny Depp can’t “get it up”? Court documents reveal actor’s dirty laundry

Johnny Depp can't "get it up"? Court documents reveal actor's dirty laundry

Ffollowing the survey published by The daily beast regarding the release of undisclosed court documents, new revelations about by Johnny Depp actions and its legal team before the Amber Heard lawsuits left the “Edward Scissorhands” in a bad light.

Heard’s team argued in unsealed court documents that Depp “produced multiple partial audio recordings that begin and end in mid-sentence,” that the metadata of the photos and audio Depp submitted as evidence “reveals that the items were ‘modified’ days before they were produced in this case, ‘and that the metadata’ indicates the the recordings premiered in September 2015 and then edited in June 2016, and again a day before they were produced, but Depp only produced the edited version. This raises significant handling, tampering and deletion issues.”

The full audio of these conversations was systematically denied to Heard’s team. Heard’s team claimed that photographs produced by Depp of Heard allegedly showing scratches and bruises on his person had “creation and modification” dates that were years after the alleged incidents.

According The team heard, one photo had a creation date of 07/24/2019, another had no creation date but a “Modification date of 07/04/2020”, and yet another “‘Created’, ‘Modified’ , ‘Received’ and ‘Sent’ dates are July 22, 2019, although Mr. Depp claims this photo was taken in March 2015.”

There was “no ‘Created’ or ‘Modified’ date metadata and lists ‘Sent’ and ‘Modified’ dates as July 3, 2020” in another photo Depp submitted of an alleged injury.

Heard’s team has also hired Julien Ackerta iDiscovery Solutions forensic expert, who claimed under oath that he reviewed the metadata of evidence submitted by Depp and found “anomalies that call into question the authenticity of the media records”, including “cases where date metadata, such as creation and date metadata, are either missing or after the alleged date of the incident.”

Manipulation of digital evidence can be evident when creation dates are missing or when edits have dates after the events. Heard’s bruised face was depicted in original photos she submitted, according to Ackert’s testimony in court.

Embarrassing details revealed

Depp’s team fought for “references and evidence regarding Marilyn Mansonexcluded because they believed it would “smear Mr. Depp under a guilt-by-association theory,” among other things. Ultimately, the court granted Depp’s request to remove all references to Manson.

Another detail concerned the possibility of Johnny Depp suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is in connection with the sexual violence he claimed to have suffered during his relationship with Heard.


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