JoJo Clarifies Her Comments About The Word Lesbian

JoJo Clarifies Her Comments About The Word Lesbian

“‘Lesbian’ is not a dirty word.”

“I don’t like the word ‘lesbian’. It’s just, like, a lot,” she said. “It’s like the word ‘wet’. It’s just, like – ugh.”

While some people didn’t dispute what she said:

watching jojo siwa light up for the exact same thing i thought when i first came to terms with being gay after literal years of seeing people treat the word lesbian like it’s the worst thing in the world

Twitter: @MlLFOLOGY

Woooooow y’all are incredibly cruel to Jojo Siwa’s very obvious internalized lesbophobia. I’ve had this same conversation with tons of lesbians here, so many of us had to agree to accept “lesbian” as a descriptor after hearing it thrown around as the most vicious insult imaginable.

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(2/3) in the same breath. Even when I struggled with my identity, I was aware that my discomfort was my own problem that I shouldn’t project onto others. jojo clearly understands her position as a role model for lgbtq youth so she has to be extra careful (+)

Twitter: @lesbian_mothman

lesbian is not a dirty word and when you have people like girl in red or even jojo siwa who are considered ‘gay icons’ pushing this, it only makes things worse. how do you expect lesbians to feel hearing these ‘icons’ literally hate the word lesbian?? not very inclusive of them is it

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Now that the moment has gone viral, JoJo has clarified her statement on TikTok. She captioned the video, “My sexuality, nor ANYBODY’S, is a dirty word ❤️🏳️‍🌈.”

“I’ve been reviewing my comments, and I just want to say something very clear: I never said lesbian was a dirty word, and I would never say it was a dirty word because it’s not isn’t,” JoJo says in the video.

“It’s not a swear word. It’s not an insult, and it’s especially not a word I’m ashamed to say or ashamed to identify as, by any means.”

JoJo then said it was more about the “sound” of the word itself. “I don’t hate the word ‘lesbian’. Whenever someone talks to me about my sexuality, I just say I’m ‘gay’. makes sense.”

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So overall, JoJo says she doesn’t like the pronunciation/phonetics element of the word. Glad she clarified.

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You can watch his full TikTok on the situation here.

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