Kate Middleton and Prince William Could Be Moved Into Windsor Castle Despite JUST Moving to Adelaide Cottage

The royal family undergoes enormous changes after the death of the queen. As well as Charles immediately becoming King of England and the Cambridges taking the title of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, several members of the royal family will move on. King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are likely to move from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, but it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton could also move, despite literally being just have moved from their country house Anmer Hall to Adelaide Cottage.

According daily mail, there is a “radical drive to overhaul the vast royal estate”, which includes moving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Windsor Castle proper. As the outlet puts it: “Charles’ far-reaching plans include turning Balmoral into a Queen’s Museum and moving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge into Windsor Castle.”

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is apparently ‘worried’ about his home in Windsor, while his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie ‘will be fighting over accommodation during the reshuffle’.

“The Prince of Wales [now King Charles] strongly believes that these places must offer something to the public beyond simply being a place to live for members of the royal family. It’s all seen through the lens of the question, “What’s the value of this offering to the public?” a source said. “Everyone agrees it makes no sense to run so many residences, but if you give them up entirely, you’ll never get them back when Prince George and the young Royals grow up and need a place to live.”

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