Kelly Clarkson Shares How She’s Evolved Since American Idol – E! Online

Kelly Clarksoncatches his breath thinking back to his time american idol.

It has been 20 years since theBreak awayThe singer was crowned the winner of the singing competition’s first season in 2002, and she’s come a long way since. From welcoming two children—River8 and Remington Blackstock6 – at the launch of her eponymous talk show in 2019, Clarkson watched how she and her career have evolved since her Idol days exclusively with E! New.

“I feel like I’ve progressed as a human being,” the Grammy winner said. “At the same time, however, I feel very similar and very connected to this 19-year-old girl who auditioned for the first time. I don’t feel very different in the sense that I’ve always had a lot of jobs , well , then, it was a necessity – and I always liked talking to people and I always liked to play. I still like the same things.

Perhaps the 40-year-old put it best when describing herself as the “adult version” of her past, adding, “I feel similar to her, but also different.”

2022-09-10 00:29:10

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