Mass Effect mod adds a mineral stock market so you can trade instead of probing

If you’re not into the cold, deep-space vibe of Mass Effect 2’s resource-gathering minigame, where you launch probes into planets and watch your pile of iridium activate, then other options are available. The One Probe All Resources (opens in a new tab) mod, as the name suggests, gives you all the resources of a planet with just one probe. Or you can just Cheat Engine direct you to a massive stockpile and never run out of item zero again. If none of these sound good to you, now there’s another way to hear the words “probe launched” a hundred times.

Nos Astra Mineral Exchange (opens in a new tab) is a mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition by beccatoria and Team Pyjak that allows you to trade resources and currencies on a galactic stock market, buying and selling goods instead of or in addition to mining them. In addition to being a spaceship commander, hostage negotiator and publicity spokesperson, Shepard can now also be an investor.

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