Meet Meerab: A woman food delivery agent in Pakistan

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Even in 2022, many professions are almost entirely monopolized by men. However, many women mark their presence in male-dominated workspaces.

Last week, the story of a Pakistani woman who works as a delivery driver for fast food chain KFC went viral.

Fizza Ijaz, who according to her LinkedIn profile works as a marketing manager at Unilever, was surprised when she ordered from KFC in Lahore and was greeted by a delivery worker on the call.

Ijaz was surprised to learn that her order will be delivered by a woman, not a delivery man. Soon, Ijaz met the driver and shared her story on a LinkedIn post that went viral with over 52,000 likes.

In her now viral post, Ijaz wrote, “Meerab from Youhanabad, Lahore. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in fashion design and does her night duty as a KFC rider to cover her expenses. She intends to remain a horsewoman for another 3 years until she graduates and plans to launch her own fashion label! More power for her! May we see more Pakistani girls go on adventures their heart desires!”

In her post, Ijaz later added that Meerab’s tuition is funded by a foundation, but she needs more money to support her family and her mother’s medical expenses.

Meerab’s story has touched thousands of internet users who have offered her academic and professional advice in addition to financial aid.


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