Mile High Hockey Top 25 Under 25: #2 Bowen Byram

The Top 25 Under 25 is a collaboration between Mile High Hockey staff members. Eight authors have classified players under the age of 25 on August 1, 2022 in the Colorado avalanche organization. Each participant used their own value metric to rank each player. Now we will count each of the 25 ranked players.

Bowen Byram has already been through a lot in the first two years of his NHL career with the Colorado Avalanche. After a three-year junior career, Byram didn’t have to wait long for his NHL debut as he started the pandemic-shortened 2021 season with 19 games played, two assists and 23 penalty minutes, but nothing. what’s more. He reached a milestone in production with the 2021-22 season when he opened his scoring account on opening night against the Chicago Blackhawks. It was just a taste of what was to come in his second rookie season.

Byram seemed to have settled in well with the Avalanche after being concussed by Keegan Kolesar of the Vegas Golden Knights and missing in his first season. However, difficulties with that move coupled with another from Bo Horvat forced Byram to sit out from January to April last season, considering retirement.

For the 21-year-old defender, it was a tough time and a decision to be made. Byram always had that skill and that potential with a high ceiling above him. But whether or not it was worth the risk to his future health at such a young age is something no one ever wants to face.

Since being drafted fourth overall in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft by the Vancouver Giants of the WHL, Byram can be considered a mini-Cale Makar. His skating ability, puck movement, and skill were magnificent to watch with a bit of guts, too. His highlight is already long enough having only been in the NHL for two years.

Byram could very well take the top spot in T25U25 in the coming years once Makar turns 25 in a few years if he continues to develop and be free of concussion-type setbacks. Remember that Byram is still very young and already a Stanley Cup champion. He is surrounded by both veterans and other young guns in defense to lead him in his own, which will only help his development even more.

Having been paired primarily with a variety of players from last season, Byram has been exposed to many different styles of play on the ice. Even though he missed months and wasn’t able to score his first playoff goal, he still has a lot to do. He still has a lot to prove, especially as the end of his ELC nears the end of the 2022-23 season. Even if it will be RFA, it is an essential element of this young Avalanche defense that Joe Sakic and Chris MacFarland will not want to lose.

Isaiah J. Downing – USA TODAY Sports

While Byram is currently a third-pair defender, he will eventually fill the void left by EJ when he eventually retires at the end of the upcoming season. A top four of Makar, Toews, Byram and Girard that could take off in the next two years will be a scary sight for opposing teams to watch.

Avs fans are extremely lucky to have several world-class defensemen by their side, from the bottom up, from young guns to seasoned veterans. Byram is just one piece of that, and in this defending group that is much the same in their Cup run last season, it gives Byram and company a good look at what’s next. the coming season as long as health is on his side.

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