Monarch’s Joshua Sasse Teases Shania Twain Guest Appearance – E! Online

The whole thing created an out of body experience for Sasse.

“My character calls her Shania and she’s there in full dress,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ll see it on camera, but I got pissed off ’cause it’s Shania Twain! And I call her Shania! I was just kidding. That’s the wonderful thing in this work. under the most extraordinary circumstances.”

Of course, starring alongside Oscar-winning actress Sarandon provided a whole other challenge, namely trying not to get engulfed by her aura.

“She’s so fearless,” Sasse said of her co-star. “I was obviously aware of saturating every minutia of this performance because it’s so nuanced. At the same time, it’s totally effortless. At the time, it conveys an enormous amount of information with the slightest inflections and movements. .It’s like an intern master class.”

2022-09-12 00:25:24

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