Netflix Top Movies And Shows: What’s Trending On August 1, 2022

Witch from The Wretched

While there are a number of great new original movies from Netflix that have proven to be very popular lately, it’s always great to see a recent and underrated non-Netflix original movie popping up among the top 10 movies. of the platform in the United States and such a took place on Monday, August 1, 2022. Honestly, this new title is perhaps the most significant change in Netflix’s Top 10 compared to yesterday, but there is still much to tell about what’s new on the list and about the Top 10 TV Shows in the United States too. Read all about what is new and popular on Netflix (opens in a new tab) in our next daily breakdown below.

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – August 1, 2022

Making an impressive debut in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies Today in fifth place is The unfortunate – a horror movie that did very well in drive-ins in 2020 – below the returning champion purple heartsold school thriller man-on-the-run The gray manIllumination Sing 2and Argentine crime thriller Recurrence. Every single step fall down from the next yesterday The unfortunateThe inclusion of is all that appears below. animated adventure The beast from the sea is now sixth above 2022 “rockumentary” Shania Twain: Not just a girlaction comedy The man from Torontowar drama 12 Strongand the Jane Austen adaptation directed by Dakota Johnson, Persuasion.

  • 1. Purple Hearts
  • 2. The Gray Man
  • 3. Sing 2
  • 4. Recidivism
  • 5. Les Miserables
  • 6. Sea Beast
  • 7. Shania Twain: Not just a girl
  • 8. The Toronto Man
  • 9. 12 Loud
  • 10. Persuasion

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