New food and beverage offerings at Bank of America Stadium in 2022

CHARLOTTE — The Carolina Panthers and Levy — the hospitality partner at Bank of America Stadium — have collaborated to create an incredible, elevated dining experience across the venue that will continue into 2022.

“We’re excited to work with Levy to continue to improve the fan experience by expanding food and beverage offerings at our games,” Panthers President Kristi Coleman said. “We have been focused on a more efficient customer experience and providing new options for our fans. With our new checkout-less markets that incorporate smart technology as well as the return of mobile ordering, fans will be able to access their seats even faster, so they don’t miss a minute of the action. Plus, we’ve introduced even more new and unique food options that offer something for every palate.

“We’re proud to have partnered with the Carolina Panthers to enhance the fan experience at Bank of America Stadium over the past few seasons, and there are several really exciting new offers for fans this season,” Carter said. Witt, vice president of hospitality strategy. for Levy at Bank of America Stadium. “What will stand out for fans is the increased variety, along with speed and convenience. We’ve added new frictionless destinations to get fans to food and drink faster than ever, new signature dishes at concessions and one of the best cocktail programs in the league at premium clubs. Every game will truly be an incredible dining experience this season.”

From Charlotte’s favorite restaurants to exclusive chef-crafted menus, hospitality highlights for the 2022 NFL season include the following:

Technology, speed and convenience of service

Cashierless Food and Beverage Markets

Two new cashless food and beverage markets have opened at Bank of America Stadium. Debuting at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on September 1, The cooler Take-out markets are open near Lowe’s East Gate in sections 120 and 122. Fans simply enter the markets with their credit card, select their favorite foods and drinks, and leave the market without having to pay. Transactions will be automatically processed as soon as fans leave the market. The coolerwill offer a selection of snacks, as well as beer and packaged soft drinks, providing fans with a new dining destination that dramatically increases speed of service and gets fans back to their seats faster.

The Michelob Ultra Taproom

Originally launched at the start of the Charlotte FC Major League Soccer season in March, the Michelob Ultra Taproom features two new state-of-the-art bars in the main lobby, expanding drink service access to Bank of America Stadium. Located in the main lobby near Lowe’s East Gate outside Sections 120 and 122, the large bars help maintain fast service and get fans to their seats even faster.

Mobile ordering via the Panthers mobile app

Mobile ordering returns to the Panthers mobile app in 2022. There’s no need to queue as fans can place their orders for multiple delicious food and drinks from the comfort of their seat. Fans pay directly through the app with the cashless option of their choice and an SMS notification lets fans know their order is ready to be picked up at one of the nearby concession stands.

Highlights of new dealerships

There are a variety of new concession options available in main, club, and upper-tier lobbies for the start of the Carolina Panthers’ 2022 season. Although some of these options were offered during the Charlotte FC season, this is the first time they will be available for Panthers competitions.

  • Sabor Latin Grill: Tacos and empanadas from one of Latin America’s top street food spots in the Carolinas (Main Lobby – Section 101)
  • Chef Dave’s Sando: A new arrival in 2022, featuring handmade gourmet sandwiches and fresh Ahi Poke nachos (Club Concourse — Section 307)
  • Chef Dave’s Spudz:Bank of America Stadium’s new spot for loaded tater tots and fries (Main Concourse – Section 118)
  • Morelia pallets:Artisan Gourmet Mexican Popsicles, from a local partner in South Charlotte (Main and Upper Lobby – Sections 113 and 307)
  • The Caseta:A Charlotte-area favorite known for its traditional Latin cuisine, serving its signature pupusas (Main Concourse – Section 133)
  • Cheesesteak concept: Bank of America Stadium’s new cheesesteak concept features a traditional Philadelphia cheesesteak topped with velvety cheese and the option to add sautéed peppers and onions (Main Lobby – Section 120).

Additionally, more concession options will soon be available at Bank of America Stadium. These offerings are expected to debut by mid-season.

  • Panthers fans who crave cheesy goodness can rejoice at the stadium’s specialty grilled cheese location (Main Concourse – Section 127).
  • Mac and cheese lovers will enjoy tasty twists on classic comfort food at the new macaroni and cheese-laden spot (Main and Upper Lobby – Sections 117 and 517).
  • Fans can start their day off right at Panthers games this season with tasty breakfast sandwiches from an all-new concept (Main and Upper Lobby – Sections 113, 127 and 523).

Bank of America Stadium offers a wide variety of drinks. Below are some of the featured drink options available at the stadium.

  • Southern Star Slushie is a refreshing new frozen drink for fans in 2022, created in partnership with local beverage supplier Southern Distilling Company. The Southern Star Slushie is available at the Michelob Ultra Taproom near Lowe’s East Gate and at select club-level establishments.
  • The Vault, the newest upscale club at Bank of America Stadium, features an upscale specialty cocktail menu curated by renowned local mixologist Justin Hazelton.

The Vault, the newest upscale club at Bank of America Stadium, offers reserved padded courtside seating and private indoor lounge access, premium all-inclusive food and beverage, including a bar service complete, a concierge service and a dedicated entrance on game day. The Vault debuted for Charlotte FC’s inaugural Major League Soccer season and will also be available for Panthers matches. The Vault can accommodate approximately 200 guests per event and has a total of 94 field seats which are divided into four sections flanking the visitor bench area on the north sideline.

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