New TikTok challenge targets Kia, Hyundai car owners

New TikTok challenge targets Kia, Hyundai car owners

TOWNSHIP OF LOWER MORELAND, PA (WPVI) — A warning for Kia and Hyundai car owners: a new TikTok challenge makes you particularly vulnerable to car thieves.

The social media videos are posted by people across the country, challenging teenagers and young adults to break into Kias and Hyundais and steal them.

The Lower Moreland Township Police Department not only do they encourage theft, but they also encourage perpetrators to take dangerous and reckless rides and vandalize vehicles.

“Every time you leave your vehicle, even if it’s just for a few seconds, we want to make sure you lock your cars, keeping all valuables out of sight,” Detective Justin Brommer said.

Police also said that in many cases criminals use USB cables to jump start vehicles, so if you have a USB cable or charger in your car, hide it or take it with you.

Also, remember never to leave a vehicle running unattended. Park it in a safe, well-lit location and check your surroundings. The police also said you might consider getting a steering wheel lock.

And if you see the videos on TikTok, be sure to report them to slow down the spread of this kind of challenge.

In a statement, Kia said it is aware of the increase in vehicle thefts in our area, but new models and trims are equipped with an immobilizer. He also said that all Kia vehicles for sale in the United States meet or exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards.

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